LAST WEEK’S RECAP | Feb 21 – 26, 2012

I sound like a broken record but I must report about the nice and never boring comments about a player. This past Tuesday and 2 Saturdays ago, people told me – “What a great player and great net player she is, etc.” They’re talking about a Tuesday regular from Englewood. She (and her husband, together or apart) is hard to beat. One player from Jersey City told me that he lost against her but as her partner (jokingly he said) “They bludgeoned the opponents!” A regular from Hoboken said “It was the funnest match he had that [Saturday] night.” Another from NYC said he beat her with confidence in the first set and didn’t know what I was talking about. (I usually warn everyone about the angles and her net play before they step foot on her court!) Then he and his partner didn’t win after that, though they were very close sets. He never played her or her husband before. There were others that gave me great feedback, but who can remember them all! I get pleasure from seeing people being nicely surprised and from knowing that they will had a good time.

The party was fun.

The regular from West Caldwell reported his toe is fine now. This saga happily ends here….

I asked a now-again regular why he returned to tennis after a 3-year break. He said he “stopped playing golf this year because of the baby. Wife didn’t want me out all day on the weekends so the trade-off was tennis a few hours (time permitting) per week.” I’m glad he’s back to playing tennis for he’s nice on and off the court. He puts in long hours during the week so he could play once during the week and once on the weekend. I noticed the last couple of weeks how social he is when 4-5 of his friends from elsewhere also started showing up on Saturday nights. He finds fun no matter where he goes, whether it’s on the golf course, the tennis courts or at the diaper-changing table.

Another good parent story with a sense of humor. I asked a Tuesday regular if he was coming this week. He replied that he’s been away and that’s why he missed tennis for 2 weeks. I thought kids are back in school this week. His replied that “Kids missed 2 days of school. Bad parents….” Far from it! Work hard, play hard, remember?

A few Sunday regulars came out for a couple of hours and quickly got back to catch the Oscars. Interestingly, one (Sunday) regular from Staten Island played the first 2 hours (5-7pm) and another (weeknight) regular also from Staten Island played the last 2 hours (8-10pm). They must not have wanted to carpool.

It was good to see a regular from Waldwick return after a one-year break. A recent newcomer from Paramus had such a great time and told her friend from North Haledon about it. She’s starting to like the Sunday group as much as the Friday group. A recent regular from Franklin Lakes couldn’t stop saying how much fun she was having during the party. The Hoboken regular must have heard it all night. It was good fun!

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