LAST WEEK’S RECAP | September 30 – Oct 6, 2013

Sometimes when you’re learning to play or you’re too good – you can’t find anyone to play with. But here I find players of similar level to gather the same night to meet for weekly tennis. The players that are too good – they’re in a league of their own since most of us can’t keep up with them. It’s nice that there’s a place for them and there’s genuine camaraderie among them. Tonight’s newcomer met a fellow Ohioan who started playing here on 12/10/10, about 3 years ago, a testimony that there are many transplants in this group…

Another transplant from New Hampshire played on Friday nights after a long layoff. At first he lasted only 2 hours but soon 4 hours were just right. Eventually I moved him over to Thursday nights where there were more players in his league. He said “… that was a good group. I wish we had 4 hours.” I may ask him back to Friday nights when the winter regulars return, to quell is thirst for grueling play.

It was a fun party.

What a nice surprise to see a former regular couple from NYC. It was almost as if they came to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary tonight and the next day. They still look like newly weds, as they don’t seem to fight over anything, unlike….Everyone was happy to see them!

A player from NYC who owns Mr. Broadway, a Kosher restaurant in NYC, came with his brother. I tried to convince the brother not to move back to Israel because he’s nice and a great player, a great addition for our group. While I wasn’t successful in persuading him to stay in America this year (hopefully in the near future), I did get him interested enough to try out the Thursday group as well – “A League Of Their Own.” So they’re both coming Thursday. Maybe that will be an incentive for him to move here, knowing that there’s a group of transplants here and a group of tennis players waiting for him. I am going to visit their restaurant one of these days with some tennis friends.

There was no tennis party but Dwight and I went to a different kind of party – his son’s wedding. It was a happy and memorable day – Dwight was proud to see his son start the next chapter of his life with a great, warm and open woman. How I love weddings….

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