LAST WEEK’S RECAP | September 23 – 29, 2013

Last Thursday my partner Dwight returned to playing for the first time on a weeknight with the guys. He and everyone had a great time, except he got hit in the forehead. A word of caution to M.W. – take it easy on my honey. Don’t hit him again. It was all ok afterwards, everyone was a sport.

A few players I hadn’t seen in a while resurfaced. It was good seeing them. Conversely, a few regulars were away for a late vacation.

Sadly a couple of regulars, who had just moved to NYC from Edison just last year, are moving to Palo Alto, CA. They have become such an integral part of the group. I will miss them dearly. Maybe they will miss the hustle and bustle pace of the East Coast and return next year.

It was perfect weather for outdoor tennis, until the sun went down, that is. I’m glad I moved up the party to start and end earlier.

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