LAST WEEK’S RECAP | September 21-27, 2015

What a great Grand Opening for weeknight tennis, Wednesday & Thursday!

Support poured out from players near and far: Boonton, Englewood, Fort Lee, Glenn Rock, Jersey City, Kinnelon, Lincoln Park, Livingston, Paramus and Parsippany. Even a player who moved to California came to play with old friends. Everyone had a great time a new home for weeknight tennis!

Old friends from Edgewater, Fort Lee, Montclair, Tenafly and Weehawken and new friends from NYC, Jersey City attended tonight. It was really nice to be back again!

A player from West Orange brought a friend from Morris Plains. Another player from Jersey City brought a friend from Mahwah. There were a few similarities between the two newcomers (age-wise and background-wise), it’ll be hard for me to keep them straight. And one way would be for them to keep coming to the parties to remind me. It’s good to have new blood.

In the women’s doubles, 3 players met each other for the first time. The first one said “My name is Ping, as in Ping Pong.” The next improvised “I’m Jan, as in Jan Brady.” The third said “I’m Michele Belle, as in the Beatles song “Michelle My Belle.” She then jokingly said to everyone “And this is Penny, Penny Lane” and everyone laughed so hard, a nice ice-breaker. The rest of the hour was so much fun for everyone. I especially had such a nice time playing the last 2 hours of (2 different groups of) women’s doubles that I ached and walked funny for the next 4 days! It was all worth it.

The iffy weather kept many players away, so Dwight and I gave ourselves the day off!

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