LAST WEEK’S RECAP | Sept 3 – 9, 2012

The Tuesday regulars are trickling back, as well as some Thursday regulars.

A great host from Yonkers brought 2 good friends, who were visiting from Texas, to the Friday party. He was sure that the trek from Yonkers to West Caldwell would be worthwhile. They got to play with old and new friends and even hung out long after the tennis party was over. The visitors will add tonight to the great memories of their visit. The Yonkers host matched southern hospitality with his own New York touch and plenty of humor and NY wit, I’m sure. If you could only see some of his posts on his Facebook!

On Sunday a Brit from Westwood noted – “Felt I was back in England – so many English accents!” – referring to another Brit from Westport, CT and my niece Rochelle, who’s been helping me at the parties.

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