LAST WEEK’S RECAP | Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2012

Amidst the chaos – the hurricane aftermath and the gas shortage – emerged some goodness.

There are many stories to be told. Here are a few of good semaritans and a few of good humor:

A New Yorker attended the Friday night party and decided to fuel up. She left the party at 11:30pm. She reported getting home at 4am! but was glad she got gas and got to play tennis.

A Friday regular was sad he couldn’t attend due to lack of gas. The next day he miraculously found gas and immediately RSVP’d for the Saturday party with, what else – “Yippeee!…. I got gas!”

A Friday player had a great time, only to find flat tires on her car at the end of the night. AAA came to the rescue within an hour. Just to be sure she was safe, another player followed her all the way home in his car. She was deeply touched by his genuine concern and help. He also lent me his gas can so I could fill it with gas for my own use.

A New Yorker attended the Friday night party and was contemplating attending the Saturday as well. Upon hearing that there were 5 New Yorkers in search of rides – some of whom didn’t have cars and some didn’t have gas – he rose to the occasion and led a caravan full of fun-loving NY’ers. They arrived in great spirits and ready to play. I’m sure they had great time during the ride in, as they looked forward to their ride back.

It’s great to be in the company of many wonderful people, especially in times of need.

I hope we all make it through the fall season and I hope it will be a mild winter!

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