LAST WEEK’S RECAP | Oct 15 – 21, 2012

A newcomer Maplewood found out about us through her co-workers, who have been raving about our parties to everyone they play with elsewhere. Word of mouth is the best form of compliment and advertisement. Thank you, co-workers from Clifton and Fair Lawn! The Maplewood player said she will return, as she had a nice time.

A few winter regulars made their comeback this week – from Belleville, Newark and Randolph.

The original dynamic duo from Montclair had so much fun and played a few minutes beyond their expected time, having only minutes to grab food for the road, so that they could relieve the babysitter. They had a nice time with some old friends that they met at the parties.

This is a classic – I always enjoy watching a great player who does not care what level s/he plays. An advanced player graciously joined 3 ladies from Westport, CT, Yonkers, NY and Fort Lee, NJ, who are not as advanced as he, toning down his American twist, high-kicking to wide to the backhand on the ad side and likewise on the deuce side. I’m not sure he is capable of hitting a normal serve, as I’ve not seen that happen in the 20+ years I’ve known him. From above I could see they all had a great time, especially the ladies high-fiving each other when they are able to return his shots. Kudos to everyone!

A newcomer from Wyckoff came 3 weeks in a row. I paired him up with an Edgewater regular each time. This week when she didn’t get to play him, she said that she started to miss playing with him. At the end of the night I paired them up and could see that chemistry come alive with the laughing and joking!

Although I was not able to stay long at the party (too cold for me LOL), it was good to a couple of old friends from Mahwah that I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I’m glad they decided to get in some tennis while the weather was still nice.

Three generations of players from Hawthorne attended and had a great time. Grandma definitely was in great form, usually beating folks like me with her infamous cross-court shots, deserving her nickname – Queen of Angles.

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