LAST WEEK’S RECAP | Oct 1 – 7, 2012

A Tuesday newcomer reported – “Everything was good except I played like sh*t.” Another Tuesday player from 2 weeks ago reported – “Had fun, didn’t play well but enjoyed the people.” It’s not too often that I get such frank responses from players, so I was nicely surprised and laughed my head off!

It was nice to be back working the Friday night party! I really missed the Friday crew, so mellow and jovial. One of the Friday night traditions is – players bring their own insignia to represent themselves, instead of going by the generic magnets I bring, with people’s names on them. E.g., a regular from Edgewater who’s young and (funny) crazy brought Angry Bird. His buddy brought Grizzly Bear, which he made himself out of a Chinese beer label, some pvc material he found in his lab, glue and a magnet, pretty clever. A Yankees fan brought, what else!, a Yankees button. Similarly, a Devils fan, a Devils button. On and on it goes….

A mortician Friday regular from Livingston appropriately brought a skull and bones button to represent herself. This week she got creative and made a button for a new friend she made here, who likes oreo cookies. She took a real oreo, poured modge podge over it and left it to dry for 4 days before it was ready. I wonder if hodge podge is used in her line of work and wonder if she made the button in her place of work.

A newcomer from Wyckoff saw all those magnetic buttons and caught on pretty quickly. She attended Friday and Saturday, swiping a magnet off her fridge and bringing it on Saturday. The button looks like a snow ball but with the picture of a cat inside.

As an aside note, all the buttons bearers and buttons makers are all in their 20’s and 30’s, with a lot of enthusiasm. You gotta love their play-fullness!

MIA was a Friday regular from Butler, who was away on a business trip again. He reported – “Yep, been to a few different cities and a beautiful hotel that was there for hundreds of years, a convent! Drinking Guiness everyday. It is very special beer. Don’t try it anywhere, except Ireland. Yes, very lucky to be involved in the things I get to do, but it can get tiring. As soon as I shower, I’m headed downstairs for my daily Guiness and a nice Irish dinner.” I always love to hear stories from the players.

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