LAST WEEK’S RECAP | November 4 – 10, 2013

I was happy to see a few people, from NYC, Rockland County, Fort Lee and Montclair who met at the parties come tonight. Everyone had a nice time.

Just a fun night!

What a great start to the evening, being with a nice person and player from Butler. Right off the bat he hit a ball that bounced off the wall, which bounced back into the court. He said that’s the 5th man, the wall. Then a player spun around in a circle to pick up a ball. He said that they did a 360, like “360 Anderson Cooper.” There were other numbers flying around and a lot of fun on that court. He then went Saturday night and entertained more players there. Everyone was happy to see this former Friday/Saturday two-timer, who’s now just a Friday night one-timer, usually.

A newcomer from Bridgewater heard about us a year ago but finally decided to come tonight. He was nicely surprised how the parties work, with lots of different people, tennis and food. He enjoyed himself and said he would do it again. Sure enough, he’s coming back this week.

I found out about a player from Hoboken being a big golfer and it was so fitting. I joked that he looks like all he wants to do is have fun. He says he works hard or not very hard, I can’t remember. I just have this image of people working hard and playing hard.

Someone asked me where did all these players come from? They’re die-hards, who need their tennis fix or they end up climbing walls! It’s safe for me to say that I don’t need to recruit players, rather players look to play. It’s just something about tennis players that only tennis players know. Maybe it’s true with other sports. (I only play one sport.)

There definitely were even more newcomers this week. Word of mouth is our greatest compliment.

I got confused this and last week as to which friend was referred by which players because there were so many newcomers. Plus, some of them are so close in age and tennis ability that I had to use special skills to remember everyone. It’s been loads of fun meeting everyone!

Three players from Mamaroneck, Cliffside Park and Weehawken came off the court and said what fun they had. Everyone won their serve and it was neck to neck all the way to the end of the hour. It was great to see them all smiling!

A player from NYC said “I love the Saturdays as it is 4-5 hours of hardcore tennis.” He’s a tennis nut but I asked him to play mixed doubles and he nicely obliged.

A player from Scarsdale brought his in-laws from LI, who were visiting him. It was such a pleasure meeting them and hope they will come when they can!

Newcomers come from near and far, from Mt. Vernon, Yonkers and Hardyston. They said they heard great things about the parties and wanted to try it out. They had a nice time, I’m glad!

Old timers from Livingston, Scotch Plains. One gave me a reminder in her email of who she was. I told her of course, I remember our old friend from South Africa.

There’s so much more, but we’d be here until ‘Xmas.

It really was great meeting everyone, old and new!

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