LAST WEEK’S RECAP | November 16 – 22, 2015

What it takes to find a fourth for a weeknight when there are only 2 hours of tennis and the level should be close. After a couple of weeks of constant nudging, I was surprised and flattered that a hard worker from Hoboken left work early for a day to attend. One week I contacted him about 6pm only to hear back an hour later because he took a dinner break before going back to work. Everyone really enjoyed playing with him, I hope he will break from his busy schedule every now and then to play. A great player and person, not only is he an asset to the group but to his company as well. Kudos!

A recent regular from Jersey City has been attending several times a week. A floater, she can play anyday between Wednesday and Sunday. And no matter which night she plays, players will ask for her. Last week her partner didn’t want to give her up. I asked a Friday player I wonder why everyone likes playing with her. He summed it up nicely – “She’s a good player and she’s nice!”

Coincidentally a player from Fair Lawn said same about another regular from Ridgefield – Good player and nice. It’s really nice to know that about players or about yourself. If they didn’t know that about themselves, they should by now since it’s not something to hold back from publicity.

I get e-mails that put a smile on my face. Here’s one from a player from Bedminster.
“Hope all is well!! I’ll be seeing you soon on Fridays now that it’s cold again….I’m coming with my friend who now lives [out of state]. Besides being partnered up for the night we would want to play a singles match (he thinks he can beat me). Is there a way we could get a court before the night starts….?” I told him that I’ll gladly aid in the execution, I meant friendly competition. They will come in a couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing 2 friends meeting up.

Four friends from Jackson Heights, NY (my old neck of the woods East Elmhurst near La Guardia Airport but not be confused with Elmhurst), Queens Village, Hoboken and Princeton got together for a night of fun. It was so good to see them together. The Hobokenite has such wonderful friends, made me wish I was part of their group (amongst other nice groups). The friends hadn’t played in a while and so they finished at 11 PM while the Hobokenite regular and the Queensonian ended an hour later.

A couple of friends from Cresskill and Fair Lawn got together to play before leaving for their Thanksgiving break. They really enjoyed the night and said will return, hoping to be more regular.

It was great seeing a former regular from Hoboken. The regular from Fort Lee said it’s amazing that the Hobokenite doesn’t play on a regular basis and yet can come out and play as if she had been regularly. The regular from NYC also so said it was fun playing the Hobokenite. Adding to the mix was a female player from Haledon who plays a ton of tennis elsewhere but had time to come tonight. Again, I would love for more female players to come make it fun for other female players, whether they’re here once in a while or on a regular basis. Of course, I hope for regular basis 🙂

A bunch of young people in their late 20’s to mid 30’s have had to put their tennis passion for their new passions to change diapers. Once in a while they get to get out to knock around a few balls. Tonight a former regular now from Glen Rock came. I wanted to see pictures of his future tennis star. He showed me pictures of his 15-month-old, the 6-month-old baby girl from the orthopedist friend from North Bergen and the 5-month-old also baby girl from the dentist friend from Scarsdale. I also got to see picture of 2 little ones from a player from Clifton, who already put his 5-year-old in pee-wee tennis. One day maybe I’ll retire from adult tennis and go into kids programs or just have a day care center, the latter is my dream! Fatherhood really suits them all well, as they adore these mini-them. I know soon that these little people will meet up on the tennis court with the right strokes (for these fathers are all former top college players). PS: I hear one of them is coming next Saturday and I’m already revving up my recruiting skills to get his friends to come.

A regular in his 30’s from Kinnelon said “Penny, your Sunday parties are getting popular.” Playing several times a week, he started only 3-4 years ago as a beginner looking for a new sport when his softball team disbanded. First day, at the Friday night tennis party, I had a former Rutgers player assess and give him a quick lesson on techniques. I had no idea in a short amount of time he would be surpassing players who have been playing for years and now playing with some of top players in the group, using strong serves and effective angle drop shots. He truly embraces the game and put in a ton of practice as well as play hours, a true Tennis Buffs.

Ha! I can’t leave out this news bit.
A player from Woodland Park resurfaced after about 2-3 years. I was floored when she said she’s living most of the time in Mexico while still working (via Skype, go figure!). Mexico suits her well as she looks amazing and happy! Amazingly she’s here every couple of months because she wasn’t going to disappoint her long-time theater partner as they hold season tickets. Love it!

A player originally from Maplewood retired young to Georgia 20 years ago and is here visiting family in Maplewood. She’s been here a couple of months now and will be leaving after one more month. Not bad spending 3 months here and 3 months there. Isn’t the East Coast best for this time of year with all the holiday lights and festivities?

I just love these happy stories and nothing makes me happier than to hear happy news!

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