LAST WEEK’S RECAP | Nov 5 – 11, 2012

I was quite glad the gas crisis was over in NJ. More players got to play, as they slowly got back normal lives.

A couple from Englewood loves their weekly weeknight tennis. This weekend they wanted to supplement it with a weekend party despite the long drive for the Friday night party. Unfortunately, the husband was on call and had to cancel. Then suddenly, he surprised us by showing up for the 10 o’clock session. I was very impressed that he was not going to let a little thing like an emergency call deter him from getting his fill of tennis. There are different kinds of Buffs. He’s definitely a dedicated one. Tennis is what brought this couple together and it will be something they share for a lifetime. Everyone had so much fun based on the laughs and smiles on the court.

It was like a Packanack reunion. Sunday players this week consisted of the core group from the outdoor Packanack Sunday parties. They also went out afterwards to a local restaurant to bid farewell to another player. We wish her the best and hope to keep in touch! I hope to see more/other players at the Sunday parties.

A few quotes from the players this week:
“After a week without power, I’m anxious to play!” — A regular from Teaneck.

“I’m having tennis withdrawal” — a newcomer-to-be from Maplewood.

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