LAST WEEK’S RECAP | Nov 26 – Dec 2, 2012

It was a nice group throughout this week, ranging from singles and couples of all ages, to old and new friends.

An avid player from Randolph attended both the Friday and Saturday parties. Upon learning that her friend is attending for the 2nd day, a newcomer and her husband managed to find a babysitter and got to the club in less than 2 hours. They had a great time, meeting and playing with new tennis friends.

Another avid player from Newark and 2 friends from Pequannock heard about us by word of mouth and decided to give us a try. The 2 friends have known each other since they were 4 years old and are now 25. The pair teamed up together the whole night, complementing each other’s game in such synchronicity as if they were the “Bryan Brothers.” That’s what one of their oppoents coined them. They had a great time, smiling ever since they arrived.

Two friends from River Edge and Secaucus meet at the Saturday parties for their weekly match. The Secaucus player has been attending for over a decade and got his buddy from River Edge hooked. His buddy missed only a couple of parties in 12 months!

The couple from NYC, who recently moved from Edison or Princeton, has been coming regularly since October. I reached out to their friend from Mahwah and gave a friendly nudge for a prompt return, as many have been missing her.

Not to spoil the fun tennis spirit but I was talking to a player from Cliffside Park. I used to think I was the greatest tennis player when I got better, but then not exactly a beginner but maybe about the level of 3.0. Then when I got to 3.5, I thought how much I need improvement! I’m still far from and may never be that advanced player. The Cliffside Park player commented that he came to a realization during his studies for his actuarial exams, which just about sums up the pattern or life of a tennis player.

Level 1: You don’t know the material but you don’t know enough to know you that you don’t know it.
Level 2: You don’t know it but you know enough to know that you don’t know it.
Level 3 : You know it and you know that you know it.

My conclusion is – Enjoy tennis for what it is. Don’t worry so much about levels. If you think you’re so good, there’s always someone better. Or if you think you’re not that good, there’s always someone worse. So why not just have fun!

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