LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 6 – 12, 2017

I can’t remember but it must have been a fun night.

A newcomer from Hoboken found us a few months ago but never gave it a try tonight. I just thought it was cool that here’s someone from Australia. Last Thursday a newcomer originally from Poland and last Friday a newcomer originally from Romania joined. I just love to gloat how much New Jersey is a melting pot with so much diversity here. And to think that I wanted move back to California after college is something so foreign to me now.

A player from Edison signed up early in the day. Then a few hours later added another player. As we got to talking, he told me that that was his brother-in-law. I wonder what great things were told that the brother-in-law wanted to come. I’m glad it worked out tonight and they had a really nice time. It’s customary of a host to make sure visitors have an especially good time.

A likely or unlikely place to meet again….As a couple from Boonton (Newark Rutgers prior) entered the hallway, I said hello to them and addressing them by name. Slowly the player from Nutley (Jersey City prior) kept looking at the woman and thought she looked familiar. It took a little while but they both finally realized that they had met 5 years earlier when they both had just moved to New Jersey and introduced by friends to play at Overpeck Park in Bergen County. Now just 5 years later, they each are married to someone else and have young children about the same ages 8 months to 3 years old. It was such a coincidence since they both have been regulars and yet never ran into each other. After several minutes I had to pry them apart to assign them to different courts, though I’m sure they could have stayed there all night talking and catching up on the past years. I will have to put them to play again next time.

All other parties were fun!

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