LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 4 – 10 2013

The Friday party took place at the Binghamton for the 2nd time this year. Players in the area were so glad to join locally. It was a nice turnout and everyone including players from the regular Friday party had fun.

As players arrived they noticed that I had just gotten a very short haircut, fit for spring time. I replied that since I don’t have beautiful hair like those ladies, pointing to the women, it’s best kept short. One of the male players from Jersey City said he has beautiful hair but he still keeps his short. Both men and women broke into a laugh, a good icebreaker.

Quite a few women accompanied their spouses, some to watch and one to play. They chatted the entire time. One of them knew she was in for a long haul and brought her knitting gears with her. It was good to see them be there to support their spouses’ tennis addiction!

A former regular from Hoboken from 3-4 years ago made a comeback with a friend. It was really good to see him again and to meet his friend. They both had a nice time.

A player from NYC was glad she stayed for the first hour. She said Tuesday night was “amazing” and tonight she had a lot of fun and was glad that I persuaded her to play a 3rd hour. She said her “partner kept saying, ‘I love it, I love it’ every time a good point was played.” Mixed doubles are fun with nice male partners and vice versa.

Many players from last night said “I hope I can still make it tomorrow,” as they nearly stumbled out from fatigue, resulting from playing so many hours of tennis. It is amazing to see the sheer size of the group who returned for more the next day. Many of them looked forward to playing each other again. They can’t seem to get enough of tennis or each other.

A couple from NYC said – “We’ve always loved tennis but the Saturday parties are great!” What a great feeling to hear those words

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