LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 27 – April 1, 2012

All the parties were fun. Here are some highlights:

Each season there’s a new wave of “new players.” The wave from 3 years ago are now experienced players and bringing up the new wave to regular play.

This past Friday there were a quite few new players. A couple from Randolph bought a couple of racquets and went out to hit with each other at the park. The wife decided that she needed lessons and so signed up for community group lessons. The instructor called and gave her the bad news that she was the only one who has signed up but he was determined to get her playing and gave her one-on-one lessons for the price she paid. What a great deal, I said. The husband smiled and jovially said “Well, yes a great deal but she got hooked and thousands of dollars in lessons later, she’s playing!” Asked why they like tennis so much, the husband said “If he was good at it, he wouldn’t like it so much.” The wife said “It’s something different from my other life. Having been a classical pianist, a figure skater, etc., this is totally different.” Another newcomer, from Rutherford, whom they met at the party last Friday said for her it’s fun and it’s another sport. She’s a snowboarder. Her friend from Montclair also decided to try our party for the first time this Friday and had a great time. Hm I don’t yet know her story but am curious to find out why she chose tennis. There are other recent new players as well, from Chatham, Hoboken, etc. They all had a great time, of course!

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