LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 25 – 31, 2013

It’s that time of year, at the first sign of spring (though you couldn’t tell by the weather) when New Englanders have made it through the harshness of the winter and decided that it’s time to take vacation. While many went away, almost as many, or it seemed, flocked to the tennis parties for their mini getaways.

At the Saturday night party, it was spring break reunion for a few cousins and their families. The kids, ranging from 12-16 years old, had so much fun that they wanted to return very soon. Several friends from NY and NJ met up midway at Tennis Buffs. There were also a few newcomers from NY and NJ who made it their date nights. It looked more like a regular party than a tennis party, with people in the hallway, in the lounge, on the couch and by the stairway, chatting and having a really nice time.

Dwight’s cooking just made it even nicer. Some said they ate more than they should have – the roasted chicken, butternut squash ravioli and the fattening butter sauce. I hope they worked it off on the court!

A few interesting nuances…. On Tuesday night a few players talked to themselves whether it’s good or bad points they had just made. On Thursday night some correct their mistakes by mimicking proper strokes. What about the fist pumps after winning points? Others use talk tactics to break opponents’ concentration, highly unrecommended! You gotta wonder about the shuffling of the feet while the opponent is about to serve. I like the straightening of the sides of the eye glasses, a very regal gesture. Then there are the classic moves — the showing of no emotions and just play — best kind of mannerisms.

It’s time once again to give kudos to players who don’t care whom they play with. They just want to be on the court, hit some balls, have fun and meet tennis friends. Most of the players have been playing for many years, one for over 40! Interestingly one couple who are fine players said – “We’re easy. We’ll play anybody.” They’re great for tennis parties!

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