LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 24 – 30, 2014

A couple Tennis Buffs RSVP’d from overseas, showing their zealousness for tennis:
“I think so! We come home tomorrow from the Dominican Republic. Let me touch base tomorrow night.” – A New Yorker who wanted to attend

“I can join this Friday from 9pm or 10pm due to my flight schedule.” – Another New Yorker, returning from an overseas trip

A player from Montclair said – “Please sign me up. I need a tennis with good peeps fix!”

Two players were like ships passing each other in the night. The wife (who has played with us in the past) flew in from Atlanta while the husband flew out to Atlanta. He was able to stop in at the party to say hello before leaving.

A player from Hoboken (a big golfer also) left the party with sweat streaming down his face. He had a great time but it must have been the most rigorous game he’s played here so far.

A player from Lincoln Park normally plays only 2 hours but stayed longer because he was having so much fun. This was the first. Afterwards he told me that the first hour and a half was the best ever.

A player from Monmouth County returned for another night of tennis. I had him play singles with another player, from Hoboken who’s in the same line of work. They had a great time!

It was good to see the couple from Boonton who had a baby 4 weeks ago. The wife came back for the first time since the baby, to watch the husband play. Everyone was happy to see them. Their buddy who moved to San Francisco half a year ago also had their baby around the same time. We miss him because he was a bit nutty. He told the Boonton wife that PhD stands for “permanent head damage.” It must have come up during their conversation about her upcoming defense of her thesis. He definitely was a piece of work!

A player from New York made a very good point and I thought I would share.
“Some people never give you the benefit of the doubt regarding line calls. Every ball close to the line is always called out. The law of odds says that for every 10 balls or so that are close to the line, one of them is bound to be in. They can’t all be out.” – A player from NY

A player from Edgewater finally found sometime to play tonight – “…. my newborn baby absorbed pretty much all my tennis and sleeping hours. I am ready to continue my sleepless nights on Saturday, but this time joining your tennis event.” I put this young dad to play 2 hours of singles and he still had enough energy to play more, sleep or no sleep. He had just missed his friend from Mount Vernon who came last week. I hope to see them both the same week.

Old friends from Croton-on-Hudson and Hoboken stopped by to say hello. We’re looking forward to their long-over-due return in the next month or two.

A few old friends from various areas met up tonight. Players from Emerson and Teaneck played each other growing up. It took me forever to finally get them both on the same night. Players from NY and Green Pond Lake got together the same night as well. There were others in their age group that gathered tonight. We have a diverse group of people from all walks of life and age range.

I always enjoy seeing two people from Cliffside Park and West New York chat with each other. Both even keeled, they met at the parties and gel quite well. I could talk to them all night, as they have a calming effect on me.

Two brothers from Lodi who normally play on Fridays played tonight. They met up with another Friday player from North Bergen, who came with his son. They four had so much fun talking that it took forever to part ways, even at the exit door. By now many players know the nooks and crannies of the door, a favorite gathering spot.

A couple from Edgewater stopped by to check out the party to see what type of players we are and what we’re about. Small world, it turns out that we know many of the same people from 10-20 years ago. They’re looking forward to joining us soon, as we are to having them.

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