LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 24 – 30, 2014

I was very happy to see a couple of old timers, from the Bronx and NYC, bringing back memories from 2009 when the Bronx player first started playing with us and 2013 when the NYC player last attended. They said they had fun.

After playing 5 hours until 1 AM at last night’s party, a player from Jersey City RSVP’d for tonight – “As if it weren’t enough, I’d like to join tonight. Also, my friend So-And-So wants to make an appearance as well LOL.” They played until 1 AM, they both love tennis no doubt.

Two friends from the same apartment complex in Secaucus attended the party. It was nice to watch them play together and chat during the off hour, good friends…

Probably in their earlier 20’s, two friends from high school years decided to give us a try. They liked it so much, they will come again. I kidded but you never know – that the one from Forest Hills should come visit the friend in Edgewater, stay overnight Saturday, and attend the Sunday Packanack party the next day. They joked back and said – “Oh I can come over Friday night, stay over and go directly to Secaucus for work on Monday!” They met nice people and had a lot of fun.

I give props to a dad from North Bergen who has given everything for his son to explore and excel, did everything his son did, from skiing to playing tennis. The son went on to become a top junior player in the East and recently became a full-fledged physician. Although the dad can retire, he still drives to work 5 days a week from North Bergen to his job at JFK airport because he loves his work of 20 years. Kudos!

Another player, from Cliffside Park, who has retired is busier now than before. He volunteers at Englewood Hospital and is a board member and the treasurer for his temple. Thank goodness we still get to see him, as he makes time for regular Saturday night tennis.

There’s a sub group within our group. It started out with 2 friends from Englewood who met up 3 summers ago and started playing together at the parties ever since. Like the “Wizard of Oz” last fall they picked up members along the way: player from Jersey City, then another also from Jersey City and finally one more from West Orange. The 5 play together, go out together and some of them even travel together. Tonight 3 more, from Hoboekn, Secaucus and West New York joined them and decided to stay on the same 2 courts for the rest of the evening. They said it was a lot of fun!

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