LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 20 – 25, 2012

It was interesting having 2 concurrent tennis parties, 1 at Tenafly and 1 at the Binghamton. Everyone had a nice time!

A couple of Fridays ago 2 females were challenged to a play fierce but friendly match by 2 male opponents, one a spouse and another a new friend they’ve made over the past few weeks. At first spectators could not understand the enthusiasm on the court, the fist pumps and of course the surging adrenaline. The women from Bloomfield and Randolph followed the official tennis rules of updating the score cards hanging on the side of the net pole. At the end of the match, it read 6-2. Excitedly the women reported that they won! They were fueled by a comment the men said, something to the effect that they were going to take out the women. (Please keep in mind it was all done with smiles from everyone!) As everyone returned to the lounge, spectators greeted them with thundering cheers. What a great match and rivalry on Court 1!

A player from Yonkers drove quite a distance and paying about $30 in tolls just to play. He had a nice time with players, whom he often sees at the Saturday parties. When he asked about his next match, I replied that he’s playing a player from Parsippany, who hits very hard. The Yonkers player said – “At least his balls stay in now.” The 20-year-old player from Wayne smiled and said – “Only in mini-tennis though.” (That’s because they warmed up playing mini-tennis for almost a half hour!) And everyone bursted into laughter.

I was amazed at how well a newcomer from West Orange played even though she’s been playing tennis only 6-9 months. She ran well and has great eye-hand coordination. It helps that she’s very athletic, snowboards, etc. Very impressive!

A player from Hoboken who taught tennis at summer camps was nice to play with advanced beginner and intermediate player in his last hour and even gelling with his partner with the high and low five’s. His girlfriend, originally from North Caldwell, patiently watched him play another match for a little while and had a nice time.

Now that the weather is warmer, people are getting a chance to play 4 hours of tennis and even singles play at 11 PM and/or midnight.

After many people dropped out after 3 hours of play, I finally persuaded a player from Hoboken to play a 4th hour, taking away her plate of food that was half consumed. She was already playing well but decided to switch to a different racquet. The player from Jersey City said something to the effect that – “Oh now she’s bringing out the super racquet.” I received nice feedback about how well she played and that she was the best and most consistent and effortless on the court. If you didn’t make a great shot, watch out – she would put that ball away. Players on her court, from Cliffside Park and Jersey City, were happy that they had a chance to play with her. Another player from Brooklyn during her hour off told me that the Hoboken player plays so well and is so mentally tough. Players from Edgewater, Englewood Cliffs and other areas frequently request for an hour with her and her partner from Croton-on-Hudson. They’re 2 of the most-requested players on Saturday nights. I get requests from players for all kinds of players as well. I find it all interesting and am enjoying being part of this wonderful group where people get to meet and different people.

Another interesting comment: a player from Englewood Cliffs said that every time he comes, it seems there are different players. There is a core group who make up probably 50% of the parties but my math isn’t that great. Somehow the numbers all work out for a nice party!

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