LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 18 – 24, 2013

All the parties were fun. Here are highlights from the Friday party:

Part of the party experience is meeting new friends. I was excited to introduced a Friday regular from Jersey City to a Saturday regular from NYC, thinking that they may have something in common. Immediately they started talking about their relatives living in other states. Although, as it turned out, they do not have relatives or friends in common, they talked for quite a while.

We discussed birth order and personality. It seems some people are calmer depending on the birth order. The JC player said he’s #1 of 5 in the family. The NYC player said she’s #4 and last in the family. I asked the JC player if he liked being #1 and he said yes. The NYC player said “#1’s usually like it.” I pondered for a moment and agreed with her.

Later we revisited that conversation later in the evening. A Paramus player said he was #1 of 4. Another NYC player said he was both #1 and the youngest because he’s an only child. The JC player said that statistically there are more #1’s in the world. He continued to say that if the only child isn’t the considered the oldest or the youngest, then there is the same amount of oldest as the youngest children. Before I can finish processing that information, the Cedar Grove player, a retired English teacher, said there must be more 3 or more in order to use “oldest and youngest” together. Another player, from Oakland(?), said in NJ English, anything goes. Whatever the outcome, the subject was captivating during the hour off.

After the heavy subject of math and logic, I mainly remember that a player humorously brought a gigantic Beer Mug to represent herself, instead of the generic magnet I created with her name. I had told her that it was too big because it covered the entire board and she should bring something else. After a few seconds, she she said ok, she will bring a small Beer Mug. Clever!

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