LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 17 – 23, 2014

My sign-off “Look forward to seeing old and new friends” rings true. This and last week two old-timers attended, only to be joined by 3 other friends from 15-20 years ago. When two players from Ramsey arrived and saw their friends from Franklin Lakes and Wayne, they were quite surprised. An hour or two later a regular on the DL (disabled list) stopped by to say hello, as he can’t seem to stay away from the courts. He was also very surprised to see everyone in their old group here, one big unintended but happy reunion.

Other regulars from Bloomfield and Montclair also stopped by to say hello, adding to the party.

A newcomer from West Orange signed up online and I saw him on a motorcycle. So when arrived, I greeted him and said – “Ah you ride a motorcycle!” A two-week newcomer also from West Orange said what kind is it?” He said a GSXR [pronounced jigser]. One is 26 and other 27 years old. They both attended Rutgers, know lots about tennis and tennis equipment, but never met until tonight. Such coincidences.

There hadn’t been more than 3 Dave’s lately until tonight; there were 4. The Westwood player who joking said that I should limit number of Dave’s who come, must have had a premonition and decided to attend Saturday this week. The one night where there were 5 or 6 Daves, got very interesting or should I say confusing. Everytime I called out Dave to assign a new court assignment, all the Dave’s turned their heads.

A player from Novartis recognized another player from Jersey City that she had seen at their company tennis practice. They had a good game the last hour and a good chat. As I’m writing this, I realize that I should have also introduced her to the Ramsey player from the reunion group above, who also works at Novartis.

A player from Montclair described the tennis courts where he grew up playing, at Green Pond Lake. It sounds like a very nice and small lake community with about 125 homes, and only one way in and the same way out. I can’t imagine such a place right here in New Jersey. I’m sure there are many more that I don’t know about but for now I can only live vicariously through the players.

A player from Franklin Park played one Saturday night a month ago and Friday night tonight. Today she happened to be visiting a former co-worker who lives nearby. She and the other 3 players from Nanuet, Garfield and Jersey City, who met for the first time tonight had such a great time that they asked to play another hour together. The player from Jersey City really enjoyed their 2-hour match, saying “It was too much work,” meaning he had a nice workout.

The couple from Boonton had a baby boy 3 weeks ago. Two weeks later (two Fridays ago) the husband came to play, only to be so surprised and touched by the gift that the group gave him. They are grateful and working on the Thank You cards.

I hadn’t seen a player from Nanuet in about 2 years. He was able to attend tonight at Tiger and last Saturday in Edgewater because his wife and 3(?)-year-old son are visiting relatives in Dubai. He had a great time with everyone, as they did with him. We kidded that maybe he can get them to travel more and he said he was planning to. Of course this was said all in fun.

I cannot go this week without mentioning how much I appreciate the patience and understanding that players show me at the parties. This week players from various towns come to mind, from the Bronx, White Plains, Yonkers and Westwood. Of course, there are more from other parties, too many to mention at this time.

“Thanks for organizing all the parties. It is difficult to meet everyone’s requirements.” – Player A
“No need to thank me, I don’t know about being calm but I realize it can’t be easy organizing these things and pleasing everyone.” Player B

With such kind support and encouragement, I can only try harder to make sure everyone has a nice time at the parties!

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