LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 10 – 16, 2014

For the last couple of weeks a player from North Bergen said he has performed (the saxophone) for former President Clinton. How do you like that, we’ve got a celebrity in the mix, though in my eyes everyone in the group is interesting in their own right.

What a surprise to see friends from the past. Two ladies decided that they wanted to start playing again. I’m glad they still consider playing with us, for I enjoy seeing them. Two other players also decided to start playing after a few months off, one due to injury and another a residence move. It was great to see them all and see them enjoy tennis again.

A player on the losing team told his partner to start hitting to the weaker opponent. From having played them a few months ago, he carefully tried to recall how each one played. Quite impressive, they came back from 2-4 to win 6-4. He went on to the next hour, being the senior one on the court and still able to pull off a respectable loss of 4-6 or 5-7. I always learn something from playing with him, as he’s one of those players who can size up the opponents’ game quickly. Not only can he make necessary adjustments, but also be able to share with his partner without offending anyone. If it wasn’t for his mellow demeanor, one would think that he was planning a serious overtake from the deep analysis.

Another player from Clifton was losing 2-4 and had to step up his game to win 6-4. In another hour, he and another partner were losing 2-5 and came back to win 7-5. Some people just have a knack for craftiness to make strong comebacks.

What makes it fun… I always want to know what makes it fun for people. A group of friends, who met at the parties said it was fun but they can’t put a finger on it. They say that it’s just fun. Whatever it is, it’s great that they always look forward to playing with each other throughout the week (Thursday-Saturday) and throughout the year!

Courtesy of a player from Leonia

Courtesy of a player from Leonia

Here’s a picture of something to remind us what mother nature has impressed upon us this winter, lots of snow. One player was finally able to overcome the stubborn snow with the help of a shovel and warm weather 2 weeks ago.

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