LAST WEEK’S RECAP | June 29 – July 5, 2015


FRIDAY AT TIGER – Click for larger

An optical illusion – I figure I’d feature a picture for a player from Nutley and a player from New Milford whom I often pair together because they have a similar game and are both super fast on the court (23 & 28 respectively). The picture of the Nutley player shows he has only 1 leg! as he’s hitting that backhand. REALLY, HE HAS 2 LEGS. Such timing.

One of the original Tennis Buffs members from Wayne paid a surprise visit, playing almost the whole night. Whenever she or another friend from Maywood comes during the summer, I always like to tell the story of the time it rained on one side of the deck and it would be sunny on the other side. Her band practice has moved from Fridays to Wednesdays, so she’ll be coming regularly again.

A player from Little Falls fell 3 weeks ago and hurt her ribs. Amazingly she healed quickly and is back to doing what she loves – tennis! Glad she’s all-right.

Another old timer from Weehawken, now in Ridgewood, hasn’t played for 4-5 years and is finally back. With 2 young children who are now out of diapers, he’s able to start playing again. That’s happening to many new fathers. It’s good that they’re helping building the foundation of America.

A Saturday player from Edison has been avoiding playing at Tiger because of the distance. He made it tonight and had a nice time. See? Never say never, you might end up doing something you don’t ever plan to, and have fun too.

The outdoor Saturday party was canceled due to the rain.


Post-4th of July

Post-4th of July

Finally the group of friends from Long Island have made it to the party for their annual gathering at Tennis Buffs Sunday holiday party. This year one of them moved back to Long Island after having been in Hackensack for many years. Congratulations to him and his new bride who recently got married!

A Sunday regular from Clifton drove to Florida a week ago Saturday and drove back a week later, arriving Sunday morning. He was sure to RSVP that very morning for his weekly games that he’s playing with for 8 summers with his Sunday friends at the lake. I hope he doesn’t find a house in FL to his liking and stays in NJ as he’s well liked in the group.

A Saturday regular from Hoboken heeded my suggestion and came to play Sunday. He had such a blast playing tennis and having Dwight’s awesome BBQ, he forgot he wasn’t at Saturday night party. I’m really glad he came but I’m sure he’ll be back to playing his regular night, Saturday night. Either way I get to see him weekly. 🙂

There were several friends left at the end of the night for Dwight’s special holiday show, which I can’t divulge what it was. You had to be there. It was a great day all around.

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