LAST WEEK’S RECAP | June 22 – 28, 2015

FRIDAY PARTY 2015-06-26 003About time an old young friend (27) from Glen Rock (Lyndhurst previously) showed up to see his friends at the Friday night party. With his first child about 10 months, he can finally get out every now and then. He must have earned enough merits for the night–out. Several friends in the group have also been having children the first time. Wouldn’t it be great to get a few them, their wives and children to meet a Sunday party in August to celebrate their new chapter in life. It was really great to see the Glen Rock player and watch him (former Stevens Institute of Technology Tennis Team MVP for 2 years) play so effortlessly, making everything look so easy, and what a nice guy on top of everything. He reminds me of the other tennis prodigy from Haverford College whose picture was featured 2 weeks ago in the Sunday recap section. Sitting next to him in this picture, is his Friday buddy he met at the party, a Rutgers College player who also light up the party.


Saturday Party Umbrellas

Saturday Party Umbrellas

The rain brought in several more players this Saturday. Most of the players roughed it and showed up without umbrellas but some did come with them. Naturally some players had wet brows and some dry brows. So they joked – “It’s the wet brows vs. the dry brows matches.”

The player from Mahwah is back. I stand corrected, as a player from Cliffside Park pointed out to me – “Hasn’t the Mahwah player moved to Fort Lee? Yes, she’s now the sports fanatic from Fort Lee. It poured on Saturday, bringing her indoors because she couldn’t do other other favorite sport – GOLF.

A Saturday regular from Edgewater brought in a dentist intern who worked for him 2-3 years ago and another friend from Palisades Park. They played, ate and drank, partying the night away like 3 school children. It’s so nice to see people enjoy the evening together.

An H.R. manager from Hoboken and a Fox News writer from Fort Lee met at the Saturday night party 3 years ago and have become good friends since. I started pairing them as partners about 2 years ago. Now they’re the team to beat, each player is consistent, one is a power house, the other annoyingly consistent like a wall where every ball comes back. They honed their skills to splice their opponents and work every angle. At the end of the hour, all their opponents walk off the court smiling, feeling satisfied because they’ve had a good workout with a couple of fun tough players. Now that’s a pairing that works.

It’s almost like incest, though more appropriately networking. Many Saturday night players know that my doctor in Union City is a Saturday night partygoer. This week 2 players from Leonia and North Bergen will be seeing my doctor professionally this week. Doc may join the player from Leonia for a private airplane ride one day. And others go to the Leonia player for stringing services. I forget who else at the party does business with each other. It’s good that we don’t have to go far to find service providers.

I discovered this Saturday that the pilot from Leonia is retired and teaches flying for fun through a Bergen County flying club. I thought it was exciting and told several people about it, including Dwight who loves everything that has to do with hobbies, sports, funs and games. Lo and behold I found out that Dwight had 27 hours of flying lessons where he spent some of his childhood years in Venezuela, flying his uncle’s plane and driving his mother’s Mercedes. I always questioned how someone with that background became a chef to own a pizza store rather than do something like sports announcement like his youngest son who started his first job right out of Syracuse college as a sports announcer in Mississippi.

The party was washed out due to the rain. Dwight and I could enjoyed the day off!

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