LAST WEEK’S RECAP | July 9 – 15, 2012

When the first winter regular from Livingston dropped in to say hello, I was completely surprised. Then when the next winter regular from Bloomfield dropped in I was even more surprised. By the time the third from North Caldwell dropped in, I bolted out of my chair from wonder and excitement and declared – “It’s a party where players just drop in to say hello!” It was very nice to see them. Two said he came after just to see what’s cooking and the other said he wanted to make sure we didn’t forget about him lol.

A newcomer from Weehawken made quite a few friends. It was amazing to watch a westerner (an American born in Germany, now live in the US) be fluent in an Asiatic language. Born in Germany, grew up in Japan and attended college in the US, he is fluent in English, German and Japanese! When the last player also from Weehawken arrived, I asked the multi-linguist to ask him “Do you play tennis?” and some other non-basic questions, the last player was so taken aback. I enjoyed watching the look of surprise combined with the pleasure of meeting another Japanese speaking player. He’s the 2nd westerner in the group who is fluent in Japanese.

Another newcomer from NYC also had fun. She hadn’t played in a while and was exhausted at the end of the 3rd hour. It won’t take her long before she becomes accustomed to playing 3 hours or more. Her friend, a regular from Englewood Cliffs, said he had the same experience of not having played for a while and is able to play multiple hours easily. I had the pleasure of playing him for the first time tonight and he’s quite a player having speed, stamina and big shots to boot. He has great rallies in the game.

Players from Croton-on-Hudson and Hoboken were quite missed at the parties but they took time off from their golf season to get in a some tennis this week. Others were very happy to play them. It’s always nice to see them.

At the end of the party I heard so many people say – “It was great tonight,” “I had so much fun,” etc. I was glad they did.

A lot of players were away for vacations, weddings, etc., this Sunday. Everyone that was able to attend had a great time. We escaped the predicted thunderstorms. “High lake pressure” kept any rain away until the end of the party towards 8 PM, which worked out well as everyone got in a full day of tennis. The newly-wed (of 2 weeks ago in Toronto) from Parsippany dropped in to have BBQ with his buddies and enjoyed the evening. He also played on Friday to see his other buddies on Friday night.

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