LAST WEEK’S RECAP | July 8 – 14, 2013

What a great party to come back to after vacation, with so much fun and many stories.

A touch of fashion….A player from Budd Lake coined a player from Jersey City as – Hip Hop Tennis because she wears her hat sideways.

A player from Rockaway coined the player from Tenafly – the Pink Panther, because she wears her white towel in the middle of her back creating a tail look.

Players from Budd Lake, Demarest, Jersey City and Rockaway must have had such a great time in the mixed doubles. Their match lasted 1 hour 45 minutes, with a few watermelon and iced tea breaks and a lot of high-fivings.

A group of friends from Lincoln Park, Maywood, Morristown and Totowa met up for another Sunday of tennis. Oddly they fared better in the heat in the earlier hour of 3 PM the previous Sunday than the later hour of 4 PM this past Sunday. They ended their day sipping on fancy beverages which they brought in their coolers, sitting in a circle down by the grounds rather than on the deck. I heard that there’s more of a breeze below.

For the hot day, Dwight brought a big bucket of Italian ice for everyone. It was refreshing!

Two buddies from Hackensack and Livingston held another annual reunion with their long-time co-workers from Long Island and Manhattan. They had fun playing and talking the whole day. One brought his 2 nephews (24 and 16 years old) who grew up nearby in North Caldwell and Montville. I knew the 24-uyear-old since he was 18 and the 16 since 14. What a privilege to watch them grow into fine young adults and to witness the familiar rivalry that often exists amongst close relatives. Their rivalry exhibits their growing wit and humor, great for the real world.

I didn’t recognize the 16-year-old because he’s grown quite a few inches since last summer and his hair got bright red this year. At the end of the party I headed towards the uncle’s car thinking that he was driving them home. The 24-year-old reminded me of his age and that he drives. It isn’t my first instinct to think of someone as a young adult when you knew him as a teenager.

This Sunday a player from Hoboken told me that he knew the player from Morristown. I was so excited and happy to hear. I started asking them how they knew each other. One said they met when they were in high school playing basketball at Glen Ridge. Now in their early – mid 30’s. I thought it was so cool that 10-15 years later they meet again and what a venue to meet at! One worked at a Club Med for about 9 months, where he learned to play tennis. The other also does rock climbing and running. Between the 2, they play plenty of sports, something athletes love to do in their spare time.

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