LAST WEEK’S RECAP | July 6 – 12, 2015

A couple from Cedar Knolls attended the party. At the end of the night the husband automatically picked up his wife’s tennis bag and his bag. I commented something to the effect – How nice to have someone carry your bag. He answered with a smile – It’s 16 years in training. They’ve been married 16 years. And that’s how it should be done.

A player from Weehawken has been MIA for a few months due to family obligations. Young children can do that to your sports routine. He had one day free before the family returns. So he decided to do what he loves – play tennis!

A regular from Ramsey thought he couldn’t play tonight. But as soon as the opponent softball team forfeited being in the playoffs, he immediately signed up along with his friend also from Ramsey. Hmm, I question that priority – softball before tennis?

A Friday/Sunday regular from Kinnelon came with his wife tonight, also a Sunday regular. She’s so into tennis that she considering taking a tennis vacation too. I can remember those days when I lived and breathed tennis. Glad she’s becoming a Tennis Buff!

SUNDAY AT PACKANACK 2015-07-12 003What a nice turnout we had at the Sunday party and it was great weather, though a little warmer than most liked it to be. One after another, the players said 3 PM was too hot and asked to start at 4 PM. I’ll take heat over snow any day!

A winter player from Jersey City attended our first Sunday party but it got rained out. She picked the right day to try it again. Too bad she can’t give up doing other things to play regularly on Sundays.

A couple of weeks ago I had a $35 promotion for the Post Fourth Of July Sunday Party. That day I forgot my little names system (with names and magnets) and had small makeshift ripped-up Post-it’s instead. A regular from Clifton joked – That’s unprofessional. A regular from Rockaway quickly added – That’s why it’s $35. I suddenly remembered how much I missed seeing the two of them together every Sunday, playing and hanging out until they were the last ones on the deck.

So many players came out to enjoy the day playing and socializing, as how one should be at a Tennis Buffs party!

SUNDAY AT PACKANACK 2015-07-12 019

SUNDAY AT PACKANACK 2015-07-12 013

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