LAST WEEK’S RECAP | July 30 – Aug 5, 2012

A player reported – “You’ll be amused to know that a new competition is brewing. So we played our 5th set decider which [my partner] and I won. I suggested we then mix it up. [My new partner] and I lost 1-6 (barely winning that 1 game) and decided we’ll try again. We won the next set 7-5, then the tiebreaker 7-5. I guess we just needed to get used to a new opponent, one with heavy topspin, the other with heavy underspin. So you’re constantly adjusting. It was a lot of fun!”

A player from Wharton inquired how Sundays are and how many hours of play can one play. His reply to my answer – “5 hours of continuous playing for $35, nice!” He forgot to mention the all-day BBQ. He must like playing Friday night so much since he’s only attended Friday night parties after previous inquiries about Sunday parties.

I really liked the way a player from Ossining RSVP’d for the party – “It’s a little over 30 miles from my house but I need to play again before I forget how.” It was so nice to see him again after a year break. He had a great time and will be returning after his trip to California.

A newcomer from NYC, originally from North Carolina and later Georgia, gave up her other plans to give us a try tonight. It must be the website’s slogan – “100% Fun Guaranteed” – that drew her to the party. Afterwards she sent a note saying that she was glad she did. It was as much a pleasure for us meeting her as her meeting us. Two other women also attended, changing the “men only” attendance from last week. They came from NYC and Cedar Grove to join us, a testament to how far the Buffs are willing to drive to have fun!

A newcomer from Saturday night had such a great time playing and meeting new people from NYC, Cliffside Park, Edgewater, Parsippany, etc. He “roped” his wife into speaking to me on the phone this week and they plan on coming. I learned that they are “adrenaline junkies, flying planes, jumping off planes, scuba diving.” Wow! another adventurous couple, reminding me of the couple from Hoboken who went to Vancouver last year and had an adventure on the hotel barge, making Canadian frontpage news when the guests had to be rescued off the boat during extreme windy conditions. The Hoboken wife is the tri-athlete and the husband an all-around athlete. It’s always great to hear about adventures!

A Sunday without my partner Dwight meant no chef at the grill. What was one to do but put on all hats, including being the head chef, sous chef, bus girl AND tennis party coordinator. Well, I should also add – being the quickest to shut down the grill and taking flaming burgers off the grill! It was a windy day, after all.

Despite my effort, a party-goer was quick to offer his cooking expertise, cleaning charred materials off the grill metal element. After the successful day, he wanted to brighten up my day with a note he sent – “Your cooking skills are non-existent. Stay away from BBQ’s, fires and anything resembling food to be prepared. You are a danger to culinary science.” Thank you very much! My spirits were uplifted, for I knew how much I prefer being a party planner and not a chef. He RSVP’d this week by addressing me as “Hi Ms. Pyromaniac,” to which I replied – “Hi Mr. Metal Banger.” The saga ends with Dwight being back this Sunday.

Aside from the very well-cooked meal, everyone enjoyed the company and matches played, just the right amount before mother nature sent down buckets of rain about 6:30pm. It was good that they got a head start at 2PM to get in 3-5 hours of tennis before starting the work week.

It was a Sunday to remember….

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