LAST WEEK’S RECAP | July 29 – Aug 4, 2013

A Sunday regular from Edgewater doesn’t mind me quoting him. After the recap about us being lucky with nice dry weather until it poured for the first time in a while last Sunday, he sent me a little note for the upcoming Sunday: “May a little rain shine on you. Sorry I will not be there to see it this Sunday (Vermont calling).”

I made an announcement to the group that the Saturday party will be at a different location this week because the Korean Association is holding their annual tennis party at our home for the Saturday night party. Two Korean Americans joking said – “How come we weren’t invited?” and everyone burst out laughing. I said they don’t speak a word of Korean. The Jersey City player said he can say 2 things – “Do you have any beer?” and “I don’t have any money.” A player from NYC said – “That’s good but don’t say both together. A player from Edgewater asked why they don’t know Korean. The player from Tenafly said – “My parents didn’t want me to go through the same struggle.”

A player from Hoboken brought his wife and 2-month-old son, who was born on June 1st. The Poker Player from NYC said – “I enjoyed talking to the baby. He was a good listener but didn’t hold up his end of the conversation.” The baby entertained everyone and patiently waited to play the winner of the party. He was like a champ, there was not a cry from him even though he didn’t get to play.

A player from Fort Lee who had his son 2 weeks later in June on the 10th wasn’t able to bring his family. He’s got a 2-year-old and a 2-month old. He said – “Gabby loves them [toys]! Gabby mainly babbles in Korean I think, but it’s gibberish, so it’s hard to tell…. I will try and get the family out so you can see them, but it’s hard to get my wife motivated to leave the house, she’s usually exhausted all the time =(” I’d volunteer to babysit but they live too far from Wyckoff. He’s another Korean American who also can’t speak Korean. Coincidentally, these 3 players, 2-4th generations, were born and bred in the West: Ohio, Washington State and Hawaii. To me they are super smart and all in finance. I’m definitely not Korean American and used to be Chinese, because now I can hardly subtract or do any math correctly, not funny!

Other than them Korean Americans, there were players from Edgewater (originally from Germany), Edgewater (originally from Saddle River), Boonton, Clifton, Hoboken, Jersey City, North Bergen (originally from Indiana), Ridgewood, Rockaway, Totowa, and from Pennsylvania (originally from North Haledon) and Staten Island. If I mentioned players from other party nights, you’d see an even greater diversity!

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