LAST WEEK’S RECAP | July 20 – 26, 2015

There were quite a few non regulars this week.

We escaped the thunderstorm and dark clouds, lucky from the high lake pressure keeping clouds away, this time. The heat cooled down nicely with a cool evening breeze. It was a great Sunday!

Two Saturday regulars from New Rochelle, NY made it to the Sunday party for the first time. They’ve been meaning to come since last summer. One has relatives in Hackensack and Mahwah. Since she’s not unfamiliar with NJ, I said she should come more often. And her friend said he liked it so much that he will return with his friends as well. I’m glad they finally got to experience the charm of summer days at Packanack and look forward to their return!

A golf fanatic from Fort Lee actually didn’t have her usual golf outing thinking that it was going to rain. Right as she arrived I turned on the music which comes through the outdoor speakers at the club house, she said – “It’s party deck!” A Sunday regular, aka my BBQ man amongst other roles and Sunday B I O T C * (as he termed it) – “What happened, the golf course is closed?” He can joke because they know each other well. She bounced back saying – “I thought it was going to rain but it didn’t. I got too lazy to go to golf and decided to play tennis instead since it didn’t.” It was great seeing her with old friends here that know her well.

Aside from players from New Rochelle, another comes weekly from Red Bank, NJ. Overhearing that, the 20-year-old (Watermelon Dave) from Wayne who’s only minutes from Packanack said that was far. The Red Bank player said – “Penny’s worth it.” I’m quite flattered.

(I normally don’t use names but every Sunday was laughing about how many Daves there were and the nicknames I assign to differentiate them: Watermelon Dave loves watermelon and eats a ton of it here, Shuffle or Dancing Dave is 24 now and is one of the quickest on the court as he shuffles his feet as he runs to the ball, Flying Dave is 26 and a flight school dispatcher and Spinny Dave hits with super topspin. This is why nicknames are essentials for the parties.)

Wish I had a better picture of the special treat Dwight brought for everyone, a cake his "Cake Boss" daughter made

Wish I had a better picture of the special treat Dwight brought for everyone, a cake his “Cake Boss” daughter made

A player from Livingston was asked to play elsewhere by a player from Boonton. He replied – “Sorry I only play at Penny’s parties.” I’m more than touched.

As I look at everyone on the deck each night, I feel so blessed to have met so many nice people that I can call friends (here and other party nights.)

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