LAST WEEK’S RECAP | January 28 – Feb 3, 2013

Two players from Englewood arrived at the airport and were anxious to play but their jet lag deterred their plan. They spent 3 wonderful weeks in Southeast Asia and Australia and is eager to rejoin the fun back in the States.

Two players from Bergenfield and Englewood Cliffs met at the parties a little over a year ago and have been good buddies since. They’ve been playing together so much lately, great to see people with common interests and age meet up!

It seems left-handed players are omnipresent every night of the week this season. Tonight four lefties from Fair Lawn, Greenwood Lake, Hoboken and Ridgefield attended. Not realizing they were all lefties, I matched them up. It turned out to be great synergy and first meeting. They laughed, played and applauded each other’s shots.

I was thrilled to finally be able to put together a group of avid players who don’t want to stop playing. This group consists of a couple of retirees; one retired as recently as last Friday. They talked about fishing, fishing poles and some other things that I tried not to think about because I will still be working (at this fun job) for what seems like an eternity.

A few old timers from NYC, Jersey City and Montclair returned for the first time this week. A few newcomers from NYC and North Bergen joined the group.

A former college player from Greenwood Lake in his mid 20’s wants to start playing more often. He had so much fun a couple weeks ago, that he came again on Wednesday. And again on Friday he arrived at the party all excited – “Are those guys I played a couple of weeks ago here? I want to play them again!” From the smile and excitement on his face, I could see how much he was looking forward to seeing his peers, those young former college players who are about the same age and same level. He brings fun and joy to the parties. Most importantly, the Greenwood Lake player makes it fun for himself no matter where he goes and he can’t seem to get enough of tennis. It just a great group of new friends!

Other non-college players had just as much fun, if not more. They are hilarious on and off the court with their comments. As I’ve pointed out previously, Friday night parties are the friendliest parties of the week, although other nights are starting to catch up.

Despite the snow, Saturday night die-hards ignored the snow and continued to play until the end of the party. Some even decided to stay later since it was nicer inside than outside.

Players with Dutch origins met at the party. The Midland Park player excitedly informed me – “Did you know So-and-So speaks Dutch fluently? With my sociology (and geography) background and having explored people’s backgrounds, I replied – “Yes! She’s a Brit, with a Dutch father and a British mother, and speaks 5 languages, 4 fluently: English, Dutch, French, German and a little Italian.” The Midland Park player probably speaks at least 3 or 4 languages. We’re such a melting pot in this part of the country.

It was a fun moment when the father and son from Short Hills arrived to meet the father and son from Long Island (originally from Warren, NJ). They played each other and made a great connection. The fathers then played their peers and the sons played former college players in their mid 30’s, showing the youngsters, 13 and 14, a thing or two about doubles. It was like watching pro tennis, very entertaining points and styles. Players who were off for the hour sat on the chairs and the floor along the center courts to cheer on the youngsters and veterans alike!

Four players from Jackson Heights (my hometown when I arrived in the States), Hoboken and Jersey City enjoyed their first match so much that they requested to play the last hour together again.

As expected, it was a very teeny weeny group due to the Super Bowl but fun nonetheless!

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