Last Week’s Recap | Jan 9 – 15, 2012

TUESDAY (Jan 10th)
A player from Edgewater had been away for so long, but surprised everyone by playing so well. Sometimes you play better when you don’t remember your bad habits, not that he has one. I’m glad he’s back, he’s so nice to be with on/off the court. Many times women request to play mixed doubles with him and he always gladly obliges. A player from Bloomfield (the one with 3-year-old twins) had such a fun time tonight. He was very funny on the court. No wonder many players, even some serious one, ask to be on his court.

A player from Hoboken who grew up on Long Island started coming again during the holiday season. She discovered how much she missed tennis and started playing regularly again. Having her racquet recently strung (by Larry Hackney of Tennez Sport), meeting nice people and playing nice matches had much to do with her re-found enjoyment for tennis. In the 4 years I’ve known her, I’ve never seen her without a smile.

A player with hip replacement finally returned after a year break and six months since the surgery. A player (from somewhere) returned after a 4-year-break. A player from Katonah, NY (an hour drive), came for the 2nd time in 6 months. The list of non regulars goes on. It was a coincidence that they all returned the same night, even though some returning regulars think that it’s the same old group when the reality is that there are many newcomers as well.

A “regular” from Morristown keeps mentioning how football season keeps him from playing on Sundays but he’s heard so many good things about Mahwah from other players. He’s been telling me a few times that he can’t wait to start playing in Mahwah after football season is over. With all his excitement, I’m looking forward to Mahwah and it’s only Tuesday. You know what that Secaucus player says about Mahwah – “Here today, gone to Mahwah!” I keep throwing in this line because something about it is makes me chuckle. I should modify it and say “Morristown today, gone to Mahwah.”

Whenever a former regular Lyndhurst calls to reserve, we’re always sold out. He called today and we were sold out. He’s so good for my business even though I can’t get him to play often. I hope he calls every week, but doesn’t.

What a great Saturday to see so many different people gel so well – talking everywhere, sitting at a table, standing by the top of the stairs, by the buffet table and even camping out, plopping themselves on the floor in front of Court 4, 6 of them, youngsters! They do it every time they come, even though there are plenty of chairs lol.

Since there are so many hours on Friday and Saturday night parties, 8 PM – 1 AM, players often get to play singles the last or second to last hour of the night. So when players ask for singles play, I recommend these 2 party nights. Eight players got to enjoy an hour of singles this past Saturday. A newcomer from Jersey City wasn’t sure if he would enjoy doubles as much, but I told him how nice the group is and that he should give it a try. He not only got to play an hour of singles, but enjoyed the doubles and meeting new people as well. He had such a great time and was glad he came. I hope he will return for he, like many newcomers, is a great addition to the group. Another player from Jersey City tried a Thursday night and he too, after my persuasion, tried a Saturday. After his first Saturday the prior week, he returned for a 2nd Saturday this week and also had a great time. The power of trying new things and new people.

A player from Livingston heard at a college reunion (not sure if he was at the reunion) that a former college friend would be relocating to Cresskill in 2 months. After a 10-year absence, they reconnected a month ago here in America. Since then they’ve golfed twice already and tried tennis today. As I sat down with them during their break and listened to them talk about their college days and watching their playful interaction if they were in college again, I was transported back to their college days. Later I had the privilege of playing an hour with them the last hour on the court and with an old friend from Teaneck whom I always have fun with. What a wonderful hour.

Another player from Kinnelon had me laughing the whole time during his break. He told me a story of how he turned an uncomfortable hour into a laughable one when his dictator partner instructed him on how to position himself on a court in another tennis group. He endured the hour, exercising funny thoughts and made it through. I agree, make the most of it, it’s just an hour. He had me laughing about other things too. Sometimes an hour isn’t long enough. Ahh, how I love Sunday evenings.

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