LAST WEEK’S RECAP | February 4 – 10, 2013

A recent newcomer from Bergenfield asked the player from Jersey City if she was one of the tenacious regular players. She told him she picked nights where people play for fun, competitive fun. He said he was the same and she never had to say sorry for making a bad shot.

Finally a recent Tenafly resident got to meet some of the Tenafly residents who play on Tuesday nights. He’s in great company, as they all have children between the ages of 5-12 or thereabout. He made a good choice move to a town with Tenafly High School ranking #3 in the State of NJ for 2012.

Again it was 3 lefties and 1 righty. Wednesday night should be coined Lefties Night!

It was a nice first meeting for players from Bergenfield, Englewood Cliffs, Jersey City and Tenalfy. They had such a great match that I saw no need to rotate players for the 2nd hour. Interestingly, the Englewood Cliffs and Jersey City players wore the longest shorts in the whole Tennis Buffs group, testimony of their youth. One of the 4 said he had a great workout, even though it was doubles. They had many long intense rallies.

We never know what we were going to wake up to. It was a Nor’easter, like the one I experienced in 1993 and 1996. (Both times I lived in towns where you didn’t dare leave your parking spaces, Fort Lee and Hoboken, or they would be gone by the time you returned.)

A player from Englewood Cliffs was surprised to learn that the party was on – “What a bunch. Not even a Blizzard of the Millennium will stop them? Sure. Me too please. See you tonight.”

Newcomers tonight came from NYC, Bogota, Hoboken, Jersey City, New Milford and Teaneck.

Thanks to a regular from Bergenfield, a few of his friends attended tonight. A testament to their youth (16, 17 and twenty-something), they never knew such a thing existed. I learned of tennis parties the same way. In my 20’s my tennis friends and I said goodbye to each other at the end of the outdoor season in October, until we met again in the spring. Big John from the park said, he was going to “Marv’s Parties at the Binghamton” for the winter. And that’s how many of us heard of tennis parties.

From the moment I met him at the top of the stairs to the moment he left, the newcomer from Teaneck smiled from ear to ear. He and his friends were most cheerful and excited to be at the party. He said it was the most fun tennis he’s had in a while (so much so that he told his brother, who attended a few days later). The friends from Bogota and New Milford loved being at the party equally. What a breath of fresh air – to meet people who enjoy everything so much!

A player from Cliffside Park said that it was the first time he played with someone, who at the end of the night said – “I have to leave early. I have to take an SAT test in the morning.” He’s turning 17 at the end of the month.

An old friend from Hoboken attended again, bringing back memories from 10 years ago, although my memory (and math skills) leave much to be desired. A few of us talked about how long ago that was and what we remembered. The main thing I remember is that those were the good old days. I’m looking forward to good new days!

Several players from Friday night parties attended and greeted each other with so much zest. In just a few months of meeting, at the parties, they’ve become such good friends.

The rest of the party goers had just as much fun, playing lots of tennis and socializing all night.

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