LAST WEEK’S RECAP | February 18 – 24, 2013

Amazingly a player from Bergenfield had just landed at the airport after a 10-hour flight from Hawaii and attended both Friday and Saturday nights. He left Sunday and back Friday. Kudos to him for being young and energetic! He had just missed another player-friend from Nanuet who was just there the week prior for his honeymoon.

A player from NYC was MIA for quite a while. Now back with two ankle braces and eager to play. Glad to have him back in one piece, finally! A frequent player of Thursday and Saturday nights, he made a rare appearance on Friday night. But he was not alone – there were many two-times of Fridays and Saturdays who were present as well.

The ladies were back for their girls night out! They brightened up the parties with their spunkiness and their colorful attires! I do need to update my website pictures with more contemporary ones.

Two young players from Union City discovered us and were excited to join. After one weeknight of tennis and one weekend night (Saturday), they got a good comparison of the two. They were amazed at how many people there were on Saturday night and thought it was terrific!

All the parties were fun, though I wish I remember all the moments. Shall I say – YOU HAD TO BE THERE!

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