LAST WEEK’S RECAP | February 17 – 23, 2014

There were many two-timers, people who play twice a week, this week. A Thursday player from Cliffside Park also played Wednesday. Then Wednesday players wanted to play Thursday as well. Last Friday a player from Teaneck came today, making him a two-timer as well. I thought it was the holiday but Dwight said it was probably the snow and ice thawing out in the heat wave, making people want to come out and play more. Whatever it was, I can relate to those who needed to take care of their tennis fix.

Talk about tennis being a good workout. A player from North Bergen ran like mad about 7 times from one side to another in just one point. When it was over, his partner and I acknowledged looked at each other – he shook his hid and we both laughed about his crazy running. Good for him!

I asked one of the players from Cliffside Park if he had fun. He said “It was really good tennis…, had a blast and it woke me up. I was exhausted when I got there.”

There were much more news but they seem to slip my mind. I’ll take better notes next time.

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