LAST WEEK’S RECAP | February 10 – 16, 2014

It sure has been a fun week working around mother nature, who kept us guessing as to which day to dodge the storms. Those Tennis Buffs with reliable wheels roughed it out and made it all the nights of tennis, though we had a slight change to the schedule when the Saturday party was detoured to Fairfield Racquet Club. It reminded me of 2 years ago when Sandy landed our Saturday parties at Fairfield and Tiger for most of the winter that year.

Everyone didn’t mind the extra distance to Fairfield at all. They really liked the set up and a few other things.

A couple of people were lost and one of the players suggested that I tell them to look for the sign for La Quinta behind the BIG snow pile. That seemed to do the trick. Everyone else thought it was convenient because they didn’t have to be on the local roads for long.

Oddly the Saturday snow did not deter two groups of newcomer friends to try us out for the first time. One group came from Weehawken, the other Nanuet, NY. What a night to experience us for the first time but they had fun!

Many have tried to come but they just couldn’t find a way. Years ago my predecessor would cancel parties with only a few inches of snow. And I would be disappointed every time. I could see who the die-hards are based on the attendance, not to say that others who didn’t attend weren’t die-hards. They weren’t lucky enough to live on well-traveled roads and have reliable wheels or they didn’t want to be bothered.

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