Last Week’s Recap | Feb 7 – 12, 2012

All the parties were fun. Here are some highlights.

A player from West Orange broke a toe 3 weeks ago, took a week off and then played for the last 2 Fridays with the still-broken toe. After the first week he said – “I hurt my toe last time and I was not sure what it would be like today. It is not great but I want to play. I will give it a rest next week when I am away.” (His mother has always told him very wise words that if you want to get somewhere fast, move slow. He must have forgotten what his mother told him when he rushed and broke his toe.) I’m happy to report that he survived the second week of playing with the broken but mending toe.

The recurring question of the night was “What is that?”

From time to time players put in their personal touch to their names. A regular from West Milford brought a Hello Kitty magnet for my board to represent her. Another regular from Parsippany printed off 2 lables for another regular to represent if he’s angel one day or a dolphin another day. He also printed one for a regular from Yonkers showing “wimpy” arm.

Last week a regular from Edgewater noticed the Hello Kitty magnet on my board and asked what it was. He asked – So I can bring my own? Sure enough, this week he handed me a magnet of The Angry Bird, the latest fad in an online game. As players checked in at the beginning of the party, they asked “What is that?!!” I sounded like a broken record, telling that So-And-So brought it. All of a sudden everyone wants to bring in one to represent him/herself. A player from Ramsey said he will bring in a magnet with the name of his company written across it. I wasn’t very concerned about the size even though he made a large square using his thumbs and fore fingers from both hands. I believe in freedom of expression! Other players from Cedar Grove and other areas said they will bring in button with their pictures. The 2nd youngest player (the youngest tonight is 13 years old) of the night from West Orange said he will bring one with a picture of himself with the biggest cheese (as in “say cheese” for a picture) smile. These are some of the fun things Friday players and say when they’re not on the courts. Yes, I welcome all magnets!

Additionally, Friday has the youngest demographic in all the parties, many in their early 20’s to early 30’s, who are zany and tech savvy. I enjoy my hour off more and more each week. Just this week one 26-year-old with a bachelors in electrical engineering and a masters (obtained only one year after his bachelors) in systems engineering from Stevens Technology Institute sat next to me, tinkling with his iPad. He showed me some great features on it as well as features on my new iPhone. I never have to type again to reply to your emails, YES! I’m slowly turning over a new leaf and being more open to adapt to new technology.

However, when I’m not in the mood for brain overload on a Friday night, I just schedule old timers to be off the same hour so I can listen to them share stories, full of great life experiences, travels but mostly light and funny and somehow giving all a great sense of comfort. The players this week were from NYC, Cedar Grove, Paramus and West Orange.

I admire different qualities in different players and look forward to each party.

While the question of the night on Friday night was “What is that,” tonight it was “Who is that wearing the yellow sneakers?” or “Do you see that guy with the yellow sneakers?” BTW, the Angry Bird from Friday night has a lot of yellow on it as well. I brought the Angry Bird with me on Saturday and got some good reaction as well.

As everyone pondered about the yellow sneakers, I made sure to get to the bottom of it. So when he finished playing for the night, I asked the weeknight regular from NYC. He said a couple of weeks ago he went to play at the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows. He forgot his sneakers and needed to get a pair in a very odd size 13 or 15. Quelling his skepticism, a tennis pro or someone in the shop pointed to the display sneakers which fit him perfectly. Again skepticism made him wonder if there would be a matching side. Sure enough! they had brand new pairs in boxes and he was able to play his match that day with those comfortable Nike sneakers. The bright yellow is fitting of him – sense of humor and confidence in life. I hope he did well in his match also.

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