LAST WEEK’S RECAP | December 9 – Dec 15, 2013

A player from Pittsburgh who was in town for a meeting attended with her co-worker who lives in Edgewater. It’s so nice to have visitors at our tennis events. I found out that she plays regularly back home and is some player! It was so much fun watching her match and matches other courts that my 2 hours went by so quickly.

A player called me at 9:38 PM, while I was the club running the tennis party and said – “Penny? This is So-And-So. I will die if I don’t get to play today!” I gave him intense matches to make sure that he got his tennis fix. At the end of the party he thanked me for a really fun time and a good workout!

An old timer from Ridgefield made a comeback tonight. He was one of the parties favorites, always smiling, pleasant and willing to play anyone, any level. He didn’t see many old timers but was happy to meet new ones. He shared conversations with others and commented that retirement is when you don’t look at a clock anymore and need a calendar instead but the recent young (only 55) retiree he met said “I only know when my wife has to go to work.” … “Hah!” I look forward to seeing him again!

There were 4 couples tonight: from Cedar Knolls, Fort Lee, Hoboken, Mahwah and Randolph. Some played with their partners and some couldn’t. That’s the odd nature of couples.

I met the husband of the Cedar Knolls player for the first time. We exchanged notes about her passion for tennis. I told him that I needed another female player for the Sunday Pakckanack Clay Court Classic and called her on the spur of the moment. Her husband said that she runs mini-marathons and is into working out. It now makes sense why she plays so much tennis and dropped everything to help us complete the draw for the tournament that day, even though she had just finished running 8 miles earlier that day.

At the end of the night, we shared some stories. Some couples play well together and some don’t. The Cedar Knolls player said she played another couple several years ago who fought like mad. The Butler player played the same couple and went on to play a guy who was also intense. After 2 hours, he said something to this effect – “That’s it, I’m never coming here again!” And we all busted out laughing. Well, at least the 3 couples tonight love to play together. That’s the success story, hooray!

A player from West NY wasn’t sure if he could play tonight since he’s been busy with his now-6-month old baby. He managed to get in some tennis, playing with old and new friends, pre- and post-baby. He said he was glad he came. I asked why and he said “Cuz it was fun. Better than getting snowed in :)”

Along his line of thinking were other tennis die-hards who made the the trek in from all over to be snowbound at the club.

One player from Cresskill hinted to me since Thursday that if he didn’t have to go to Brooklyn, he planned on coming to the party. Then Friday he said he would try to come. Saturday he said he was in Brooklyn but will leave Brooklyn early and come. Finally, while I was shoveling snow by the entrance to the club – there he was! It was like seeing a very old friend that came for a visit. I was glad he made it back from Brooklyn!

The Cresskill/Brooklyn player and a couple of newcomers asked if I was still holding the party. I gave them the standard line – “I don’t cancel unless the roads are treacherous” but of course it’s all subjective. He said – “Does that mean I will have to bring a sleeping bag?” Another player from NYC said he will get his sleeping bag and cross-country skis. They have the right idea.

Other players couldn’t make it up their hill by them; one left his car parked on the side street and walked 2-3 blocks home….

For those who made it there, it was fun to congregate at the usual place for grueling tennis, while the snow continued to come down, though luckily the weather warmed up as it got later and later, melting much of the snow on the streets for the drive home.

A Sunday Packanack regular from Edgewater has become a Saturday regular. This week he brought along a co-worker who came in from Pittsburgh for a meeting in NJ. The two regularly play in PA when he travels there. Her Saturday flight got canceled due to the snow storm and she was able to get in another night of tennis. It was a pleasure having her at the party. Everyone enjoyed meeting and playing with her. Sadly after a few hours the Edgewater player bode farewell for a few weeks as he was going back to Europe for a couple weeks to celebrate Christmas and his Pittsburgh co-worker needed to leave early as she had an 8am flight the next day. I look forward to seeing her at the next Saturday night snow storm when she’s in town!

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