LAST WEEK’S RECAP | December 30 – Jan 5, 2014

2013 flew by so quickly and so has the 2013 New Year’s Eve Tennis Party, which was just last week.

I remember the very first New Year’s Eve Tennis Party I ran 7 years ago, it was so hectic with so many decorations, aside from the abundant food and food preparations. This time around, I focused mainly on the food and less elaborate decorations. Every single partygoer expressed how much fun they had, how much they enjoyed the food and meeting different people. Even I had time to enjoy being with everyone. I realized it was the people and the food that made for a great party. It was so nice, I didn’t want it to end.

About 80% of the partygoers tonight were all new to Tennis Buffs New Year’s Eve Tennis Party.

Like last year, Dwight and his son NYC culinary-school-graduate son Austin, put out a very nice spread.

There were 4 couples and the rest singles. Couples came from Nanuet, Cedar Knolls, Parsippany and West Milford. Others came from Nanuet, NYC, Cedar Grove, Edgewater, Hoboken, Montville, Morristown, North Bergen, Palisades Park, Randolph, Rockaway, Teaneck, Warren, West NY and Wyckoff.

How about a few details….
The player from NYC wanted to find the post office for stamps. A lady asked if he realized what day it was and he didn’t. I persuaded him to join the party. He rented a zip car from one of the parking facilities in NYC, which is news to me. The week before a couple of players from NYC did same. Apparently it’s a convenient way for NY’ers to get wheels and get around on the fly. I was glad he joined us – he had a nice time with other Saturday night players, familiar faces, players from Hoboken, Warren and Wyckoff.

It was the first time the now-14-year-old player attended the New Year’s Eve party with his dad. He liked being there with the adults and liked the broccoli rabe and salmon, 2 of his favorites he said.

For the 5th or 6th year, the player from Teaneck attended. She has become iconic to our New Year’s Eve party.

I hadn’t seen the player from West Milford in a while and what an occasion to see her again. She looked forever happy and it was good seeing her with her friend.

The recent newcomer from Bridgewater started playing with us in the fall. He said something to the effect that after tonight, he’s a Tennis Buff for life. He really enjoyed the whole the food, the tennis and the overall ambiance of New Year’s Eve.

The couple from Cedar Knolls was childless for the evening and decided to have date night tonight, how romantic….

A newcomer from Cedar Grove was glad that his first attendance was tonight.

I was really happy with the way everything went, just grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people!

It was a fun party. Details to be reported another time.

I had a chance to sit down and chat with 3 ladies from NYC. They were so much fun and engaging, which made me wish I need to have more girlfriends! They were originally from Chicago, Long Island (born in Quebec) and Westchester, with diverse backgrounds and so much to share. The discussions went from French speakers in regions in Canada to southern accents and idioms in North Carolina and Texas, movies about Texans, e.g., Jack Black in “Bernie,” and idioms like “best cookie in the jar,” “smartest crayon” or “brightest bulb in the box,” and “sharpest knife in the drawer.” A lot of laughs…. ok, you get the idea. It was a fun session. I’m looking forward to more.

That’s it for now. It’s time for me to get to tonight’s tennis at Tenafly at 9 PM!

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