LAST WEEK’S RECAP | December 3 – 9, 2012

A couple of friends from Cornell University days, now in mid 30’s, have slowly been returning to tennis this summer and started indoor weeknight play a couple of months ago. They finally made it to their first weekend party this Saturday. More than just tennis fun, they had a great time socializing with others on and off the court. What a great way to keep their friendship going and have men’s night out, a break from kids at home ranging from 3 months old to 6-7 years old.

A winter regular from Montclair got sidetracked with holiday parties and non-tennis activities. She returned for the first time this season a couple of Sundays ago and had so much fun that she told a friend about how she missed it. The friend from South Orange had to check it out. She too had a great time at her first party on Saturday night and will return. The Montclair player said she couldn’t ask for 3 nicer players to return to. They chatted about different things. One said “That’s my [well-playing] partner!”

A few Fridays ago, a player from Butler reported about a special talent of a player from Rockaway, NJ – “The funny part was that it took everyone who played against him a long time to figure out what the problem was, trying to serve to his backhand … because he didnt have one! It was like, ‘hey, wait a gosh-darned minute….’ It took some people an hour or two in some cases before they finally got it. They knew something was weird but couldn’t understand why their best serves to his ‘backhand’ were coming back like rocket forehands.”

A few Saturdays ago, players from NYC and North Bergen teamed up for a grueling match against 2 “Walls” from Clifton and Livingston. After the 10-minute set they switched sides; the NYC player said to his partner, “I don’t think we won a point in the set.” Everyone smiled, as they’re all friends from the party.

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