LAST WEEK’S RECAP | December 16 – 22, 2013

I kidded with the players that an old timer is choosing to partner up with a certain player each week. I said it in jest and hoped that it was well taken, as I thought it was a welcoming gesture for a newcomer. The newcomer enjoys playing with him also.

One forgiving player tonight has an uncommon name but never once corrected my mis-pronunciation of his name in the 5 years that I’ve known him. After hearing it for the past several months, his buddy finally smiled and amusingly said – “His name is So-And-So.” It’s about time someone pointed it out to me. I’d hate to be the wrong-name caller week after week, although the name owner chuckled and said he didn’t correct me because I was American. I silently reciprocally chuckled inside because I’m a foreign-American.

Interestingly there were two players tonight with an uncommon name, starting with the letter “O.” They’re the 2nd and 3rd players with that name, so maybe not so uncommon in the group.

A newcomer from Ridgewood found us online. I asked just for my knowledge, what about the group. He said the website says – “Tennis.” Yes, that is appealing and enlightening!

I haven’t heard of this expression before and thought I’d share. This one is for lovers of the English idioms. A player from Jersey City was telling the Ridgewood newcomer about how good a player my partner Dwight is. It is hard to believe now but when I first met him over 10 years ago, he had a six pack. I’m working on his getting it back. The Ridgewood newcomer said – “That’s a bridge too far,” because he’s in his mid 50’s, though I don’t think it’s impossible as long as I can keep on nudging him or maybe put up a big poster of his six pack on the wall to see when he first walks into the house.

If I may throw in another one – a player from Mahwah said he liked one party more than others and other players may like opposite, or something to that effect. Then he said – “There’s a lid for ever pot.” What about the pot calling the kettle black? Pots and pans seem to have quite an influence in the English language 🙂

A player from Jersey City brought a newcomer college friend who drove from Somerset. He said the 50-minute drive was doable and it wasn’t going to deter him from a fun night of tennis, and he will be back.

Lately a player also from Jersey City has been bringing one of his daughters, who both play, to tennis. I first met the daughters when they were junior and senior in high school, 6 years ago. I wondered if they were Irish twins. Their father said no, since they’re 18 months apart in age but he and his younger brother are because they’re less than a year apart. There are 2 days out of the year that they’re the same age. That’s so cool.

So, the Jersey City father is trying to rile up some friendly competition here. He asked “Where is that regular from Morristown? Maybe she and my daughter can player. Her Morristown high school tennis team played against my daughter’s Randolph high school tennis team.” Of course, being the “match” maker/coordinator that I am, I didn’t hesitate to reach out to the Morristown player who gladly accepted the invite. It will be more laughs and fun than cut-throat competition, as both women are in their 20’s and way too sweet to be mean. I’ll surely enjoy watching their match.

It was so nice to see one of the original old timers from Croton-on-Hudson tonight. He came to say hello and wish his friends nice holiday wishes. Everyone was nicely surprised to see him. He truly made the party complete!

Another old timer from Hoboken made her comeback. She’s even going to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us this year.

A newcomer from Edgewater arrived and said that his friend from Fort Lee told him about the group. He said his friend is a lot better and he’s been taking lessons and playing for only a couple of years. I told him no problem. We have players of all levels and I can accommodate everyone most of the time. Of course, when I can’t, I will let the player know. Everyone has to start somewhere, unlike some who were born with tennis racquets in their hands LOL. He had a very nice time and said he’ll be back.

Two newcomers needed a ride from NYC. While trying to hook them up with a 3rd player with the car, I realized that the newcomers live a block apart and their chauffeur live 3-4 blocks from them. Such a coincidence. The driver was also nice enough to give them a heads-up that the courts can be cold when you first start, and to bring a sweater. I always bring my parka just to be safe.

It was a helpful FYI. Towards the end of the night, a player from Warren approached me and said that one of the players is quite good and she needs stiff competition. Thanks for looking out. I will definitely double up the ante the competition next time, to make up for this time!

A recent newcomer from West New York, NJ, rode his bike to the club. He’s the 2nd one from West New York to do so this year. After playing 4 hours of tennis and the round-trip bike ride, he definitely got a good workout for the week.

A player from Union City came a little late because his transportation was late. He got to play only 2 hours of tennis before he had to run off again. Already he had been gone to San Francisco for 3 weeks, cutting into tennis time for this die-hard. I wish him more tennis time for the new year.

A player from Hasbrouck Heights brought his brother from Clifton for the 2nd week in a row. The first week the brother was out of breath after only an hour. This week he went two hours without a hitch and was ready for a third. He’s sure to be back into the swing of things soon.

A player from Bridgewater always says he will stay until 11 PM only. Then somehow each week I rope him into staying until 11:30 PM because I always need a fourth. Before you know it, it’s midnight and he forgot to look at the clock. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Missing tonight was a regular from Fort Lee. He will be traveling to Texas, New Mexico and spend New Year’s Eve in Santa Fe, California. He’s seen about 26 states so far. With these 3, he’s up to 29 states. I’m impressed and hope he will reach his goal of visiting all 50 states!

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