LAST WEEK’S RECAP | August 31 – Sept 6, 2015

The wife of a regular from Jersey City asked what he will be doing on Labor Day weekend. He replied he’s playing tennis. Perplexed, she asked why would anyone do so. With ease he said because it’s fun! For him it’s a lot of fun which is why he plays twice a week: Fridays and Sundays. Plus when other players show up and ask for him, he knows he’s in demand. If his wife only knew….

Due to last-minute maintenance the Binghamton Racquet Club closed the club.

What a nice Labor Day Celebration! The weather couldn’t be more perfect. A Friday/Saturday regular from Fort Lee arrived and said he was glad he came today when the weather was nice and not what the weather was going to be tomorrow (Monday and humid). Interestingly just seconds earlier the Friday/Sunday regular from Jersey City announced to a former regular from NYC that this is the first time all season that it hasn’t been humid. ‘Tis the season of cooler weather, the coming of autumn.

The former NYC regular said – “That was fun. So fun that…My left calf cramped up as we started the 3rd set (with John, Arlene, Biron). They were nice enough to let me walk it off for a few minutes. Then we played our set. Then I still played the “just one more” last set, despite the stiff calf and other leg muscles starting to cramp. I guess I still have the tennis bug in me! I will try to come another time this summer.” I’m looking forward to it!

More former regulars signed up the same day unbeknownst to each other that they each signed up. As soon as the former Montclair regular arrived, she said “It’s a party and all that’s missing is party music.” But then she rescinded it because she finally heard the music when she got on the deck, a nice stereo feature at the lake.

Former regular from Cliffside Park was nicely surprised to see everyone as we were to see him. As usual they got to play mixed doubles together for old time’s sake. They had a nice match and a nice laugh.

A Friday winter regular added to the nice day by treating everyone to his concoction of watermelon, triple sec and some tasty spirits, a nice treat for all! He promised a Cuban theme food and drinks later to come before the season ends.

It was a homecoming for former Packanack Lake residents, father and son, who now live in Montclair and Lincoln Park. Ironically they never played on the clay when they lived here.

It was a great party and I didn’t want it to end.

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