LAST WEEK’S RECAP | April 17 – 22, 2012

The parties were fun. Some highlights:

When a newcomer from Warren arrived on Friday, I immediately thought of another newcomer from West Orange who has attended the past few weeks. They seemed to have so much in common – youth, athleticism and congeniality, so I picked up the phone to call the West Orange player to see if by chance he would like to play. Voila! At that instant he sent me an email for a last-minute signup, a perfect coincidence. They and the regulars all had a great time playing. Another nice addition to the group!

It was a nice mix of players this week with a couple from Nanuet, a busy player from Mount Vernon, a couple of friends from Glen Rock and Paramus, a Friday regular from NYC whose wife is away somewhere nice on a Menza conference (testing out new games not yet on the market, a couple of friends from Englewood and Fort Lee who finally came on the same Saturday night and of course the regulars from all over NY and NJ.

There was a famous person in the mix, which only came to light when a Bloomfield player said at the end of the night – “Oh that’s …. [so-and-so, he mentions a name of a sportswriter]… I hear his interviews or sportscasts on the radio all the time. I didn’t know that was him.” I didn’t know either and looked him up on the internet. I saw nice pictures of him and read a couple of good articles on him. It said something to the effect that he covered the NBA for 10 years and currently covering the Giants. I overheard him and a regular from Jersey City talk about fantasy sports, too, which made me fade into a different part of the room — goes to show you how interested I am about football, etc. Can you guess who the sportswriter is? Yes, a nice and down-to-earth guy at the Saturday night party!

Unlike many retirees who finds a need to go back to work, a retiree from Teaneck has not found boredom in retirement. Playing a lot of golf and tennis and spending time with family (including grandchildren), he’s doing just fine. After being away for a week, he reported “It’s good to be back, but I had a great golf trip, and I think I even improved my golf game. I just hope it doesn’t mess up my tennis game!”

Four youngsters had a nice 2-hour battle on the court, running down every ball! Just when you think the point is over, one of them manages with the speed of light (almost) to put the ball back on the court each time. It was a great Sunday to be playing tennis and listening to the downpour on the roofs of the Binghamton.

Everyone had a nice time!

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