LAST WEEK’S RECAP | April 10 – 16, 2017

It’s been a great winter season with many old and new friends gathering for winter fun. It seems we’ve many more newcomers this year. It must be that every 10 years there’s a new wave. I’m especially proud of the upsurge of new interest where more beginners have been practicing here throughout the winter. Now they have gone up a notch or two, as they’ve also noticed. It’s been my goal to create that new wave of players for years to come. I’m also proud of old-timers helping out with whatever was needed, e.g., scoring, court positioning (when asked), etc.

A player from Weehawken introduced a friend from Haledon to the group about 2 months ago. No longer the newcomer, he’s now helping out newcomers. Just to show what a weekly play has done for his game, he’s become so consistent and was able to play twice this week. I was quite surprised to see him on a Saturday night, as he had to work in his business and get clearance from his wife to attend. Now he’s got the tennis bug!

A former professional ballroom dancer transitioned into this lovely sport. His athleticism has helped him a great deal because tennis is 50% footwork. It’s amazing that he’s able to have a professional looking serve after having played less than 6 months. The sweeping of the right foot to meet the left and the ability to ace more advanced players with the serve are impressive. Kudos.

A player from Sandy Hook introduced a friend who came just once about 3 years ago. He tried it again this winter and has been coming regularly. He even attended this past New Year’s Eve Tennis Party. I know he’s having great fun because driving an hour and change every Saturday from Middletown is worth the trip for him. It’s flattering that he comes so frequently and a good feeling to know that I make it fun for him.

Three friends from Basking Ridge and Warren had another get together at Saturday night tennis. This is more than the past when they get together just once a year around Xmas. At this rate they may batting 4 times a year. Other players who got to play them told me later that they had a blast with them 3 friends. I should add that one of the friends moved to Long Island about 2-3 years ago, and thus the get togethers.

As soon as one good friend returned to Taiwan, another good friend came for a long visit. Such a good friend, the player from Jersey City is introducing the visitor to tennis and even spending 2 hours to teach him. You can’t get a better teacher or friend since he played on the college team.

A ribbon importer (rare breed nowadays) came for the 2nd time in less than 2 months. I’m glad he’s starting to pick up tennis again for it’s a good way to break up the monotony and stressfulness of business trips.

A couple of New Yorkers brought a friend also from NYC. It’s good to see old friends again.

A couple from Hoboken started coming this winter and have become regulars. It’s another good feeling that people enjoy it enough to come back again and again.

A player from Weehawken was playing erratically just a year or two ago. This year something clicked and he’s been playing great, quite refreshing to see. It also makes me feel good that players feel good about their play.

Last but not least I was happy my doctor/internist started coming again. That way he can keep a close eye on my ailments and his presence alone makes me take better care of my health.

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