LAST WEEK’S RECAP | May 7 – 12, 2012

A couple of Tuesdays ago when 2 friends from Fort Lee signed up, I couldn’t pass up the chance to play with them. Immediately I was on the hunt for a fourth. A newcomer from New City joined us and we had the best of times the 1st hour. Then for the 2nd hour, 2 of us split up to play with 2 other players. The fun and the laughs continued on both courts. The men from NYC and Tenafly had different kind of fun – fierce doubles.

Not usually advertised, I have occasionally put games together on Mondays or Wednesdays for players who cannot play any other day. When I added Wednesday to the schedule last week, a player RSVP’d — “But Penny….. I liked being part of the special secret Wednesday club!!! :)”

The parties were fun.

A couple of Saturdays ago, a newcomer from North Bergen hadn’t played in a few years. He got permission from the wife/boss to go play tennis. After 3 hours I persuaded him to play another 1/2 hour and I would take over the last 1/2. I was so consumed in my conversation with a player who was about to leave that I forgot to relieve the North Bergen player. A regular from Yonkers told him – “Don’t you know Penny’s secret? She always tells you she will relieve you but she never does” and everyone laughed.

I had a practice run on the clay courts for a small group of people. It was very enjoyable and the soft clay was easy on the body.

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