LAST WEEK’S RECAP | May 29 – June 3, 2012

There was so much going on at the parties last week that I hardly had time to record the events, although a couple of things stood out.

A newcomer from Livingston is the first mortician I’ve ever met! Contrary to this death-related profession, she is a very social and outgoing person. For being a newcomer she mingled, joked, laughed, smiled and enjoyed the whole evening. Another newcomer from Newark, a transplant from Texan, first Texan I’ve met (another first) gelled quite well with the mortician and the parasailor newcomer from Wanaque. They all got to play with each other as well. If you didn’t know it was their first time, you would have thought they were regulars, talking away amongst each other and with the rest of the group.

Newcomers at the Sunday party were concerned by the scattered shower that sprung upon us at the beginning of the party. Had they stayed, they would have been able to play the whole day long since the sun showers were brief. Those who stayed got to play as long as they wished and as long as there were players for them.

As always, the parties were fun.

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