LAST WEEK’S RECAP | September 7-13, 2015

It took a continental move for a player from Westfield to return to a night of fun. Before transferring to Malta in Southern Europe where he will be based for the next 3 years, he came to have his fill of tennis and bode farewell to friends, returning occasionally during the holidays. We all joked that we will visit him there, no need for him to return since there’ll be so many tennis courts for everyone.

Others from vacation are back to regular Friday night tennis. The couple from Ramsey made it complete. Even the couple from Kinnelon are starting to attend Friday night parties again. Adding to the group is a newcomer from Green Pond Lake, introduced to us by her Green Pond Lake friend who’s been teaching her tennis and soon she’ll be on par with the rest of the group based on his teaching skills.

Saturday night parties are back! Players are returning to regular fun. It should be a regular thing now without any interruptions. I even got to play at the end of the night with my partner Dwight vs a fun player from NYC (whom I played with regularly several years ago) and a recent newcomer who’s super fast on the court. Finally I got to know first hand what others are saying about him as he ran for Dwight’s impossible drop shots, which he got to most of them, living up to his title of super fast. Too bad I can’t recruit the Federer’s for a match with him.

Although it rained elsewhere, it sprinkled briefly at the lake and the group still had their usual fun and Dwight’s usual grand BBQ cookout.

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