LAST WEEK’S RECAP | March 13 – 18, 2012

It’s a game that nobody wants to win. It was a match with so many deuces, aces, etc., amongst players from NYC, Hoboken and Tenafly. All matches were fun to watch.

Usually they have been coming on different days of the week but this week 2 of 3 co-workers from MLB played the same day and even rode in together since they both live in Hoboken. It’s very fitting that they both work for a sports television company, both athletic and both play a sport other than baseball well. One of them is playing in a father-and-son tournament this weekend down in Cherry Hill. The father is an even better player than the son, which is quite impressive, being that the son is already in the top 5 best players in our Tennis Buffs family. Coincidentally another player in a father-son pair (won 1st place about 10 years ago) teamed up with him this Thursday and did quite well together. I saw a lot of camaraderie and communication between these two tonight. Good luck to the son who’s playing this weekend!

A Friday regular from Butler emailed me when the newsletter wen out Tuesday morning this week, asking – “Is it Friday yet? Ugghhhh … long week and it’s only Tuesday.” I like that about Friday players – despite their long work week, the one thing they look forward to the most on Fridays is tennis! and, of course, seeing the friends they’ve made over the winter season or years for some of them.

One player from Fort Lee had so much fun that she said – “Ok, I’ll be here next week!” She already knew what she was going to do before she even left the court.

When I emailed Saturday players that my sister was making Thai food this Saturday, here are some of the responses:

“Omg. Sorry Penny we will not make it this Saturday….. but we will definitely join you next time. Please keep me in the loop in all weekly tennis soiree.” DL from NYC

“Omg I love Thai! Unfortunately I can’t make it this Saturday.” JH from Ridgefield

“I can’t speak for [my husband], but I love Thai food, so count me in.” DK from Yonkers

“I can’t speak for [my wife] but count me in. I’ll eat her portion if she doesn’t want it.” EK from Yonkers, his rebuttal to wife’s comments.

“Your sister Michele is incredible!” PC & girlfriend FR from NYC

I am persuading my sister to do it again for this Saturday!

Many newcomers totally enjoyed themselves and said they will be back. We enjoyed having them as well!

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