LAST WEEK’S RECAP | July 27 – Aug 2, 2015

It was a like a high school or college reunion with so many hugs and kisses as they arrived in the parking lot, the hallway and the lounge. So many who haven’t been here this summer on a regular basis all showed up the same day. Everyone was so happy to see each other and play together again. It was unusual to see almost as many women as men.

Even players from Saturday party came. Saturday regular from Englewood brought his brother who was visiting from Thailand. He was due to go back the next day. They played men’s doubles together and mixed doubles against each other. They had a great time. I set them up to play with other Saturday regulars so he got a glimpse of how much fun and with whom his brother has been playing the past few years. I told the visiting brother that he should come the very first weekend he arrives next time. He showed me a big smile, meaning he might do just that. From this positive experience, I hope he’ll make his visit again soon.

This is what a Tennis Buffs (from Little Falls) sounds like – “Penny, I will play Friday 8 pm. I’m playing Friday morning outdoors but I know by evening time, I’ll want to play again. So, I will see you Friday night.” And another from Wayne who was away for a week – “Hey Penny-I’m back. Would love to come Friday at 8.”

I had a chance to watch a lot of matches on Sunday from the deck. I saw a point where a player hit a ball so deep and wide and thought it was a clear winner until the opponent from Hoboken ran like Forrest Gump to get the ball. Not only did he return it, miraculously he hit a winner down the middle to the opponents’ feet. Everyone definitely cheered on that ball. The rest of the party was fun, wish I remember the details though.

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