LAST WEEK’S RECAP | July 16 – 22, 2012

A player from NY RSVP’d – “Looking forward to an excuse to make me leave work early. See you Thursday!” Just a tennis fanatic or an end-of-week reaction.

A regular from Jersey City was away for only a week, plus the 2 weekends before and after. As soon as she got back to town, she reached out to all her tennis friends from the Tri-State area. This week she played tennis for 5 straight days, taking one day off to spend time with her husband, before resuming regular routine and playing at the Sunday party. She shares the syndrome with a husband, a regular from Palisades Park, whose wife is overseas for 2 months. Their spouses would be happy to know that they’re doing something healthy and fun.

It was a beautiful Sunday, perfect weather for tennis. A group of friends from NY and NJ had their annual reunion at the Sunday party. Since this is their 2nd visit this summer, the reunion is renamed to semi-annual! They come from Chelsea, downtown Manhattan, Chappaqua, Long Island, Hackensack and Livingston. As I get to spend more time with each one of them, I feel like I’m part of the group, too. The group leader from Livingston invited his sister and her husband from Chappaqua to join. While she had to leave early for another event, I persuaded her husband to stay for a mixed doubles match and played into the evening. He enjoyed a marathon match with regulars from Jersey City and a former regular from Tenafly, now working in Atlanta, GA. It’s nice to know that she remembers her new friends, whom she met last year, and to stop whenever she can when she’s in town.

A regular from Wanaque returned from his trip and stopped by to say hello. It was hard from him to penetrate the huge crowd on the deck to reach me. I would have invited him to stay for dinner. We’ll just have to catch him at the next meet-up. It was good to see him back!

A player from West Milford completed his traveling cross country and a quick return from California for a friend’s big birthday celebration. He can now resume his usual tennis activities.

A player from Yonkers decided that he had a day free and came to see his old friends, playing tennis.

A former regular from Staten Island, now busy with his girlfriend, found a free day. He would rather play tennis today than join her at a party on LI.

So many more stories, so little time….

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